A Dream Come True

*I darn near forgot to say “Thank you” to Mr. Crittenden for making this happen and for having such a wonderfully large heart!


This posting is about a dream coming true for a certain “Wanna-be Hanson Brother”.  (For those of you who need to know what a “Hanson Brother” is, it’s a character from the original 70’s movie “Slap Shot”.)  Also and more importantly, this posting is about an awesome fundraiser for recovering cancer patients.


It took place this past Saturday in Sault Saint Marie.


Sault Saint Marie is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and lets just say, because of Jake’s hockey, we know our way around this town now; where to eat, get groceries and take naps.


It took place at the old and very cool Pullar Arena.


War Memorial Hospital of Sault Saint Marie and DeVere Construction of Alpena teamed together to replace the van that transports recovering cancer patients from the “Soo” to Petoskey for treatments.


They done good too.  With the sale of the old van and donations, they were able to buy a new one, plate it and fuel it for a year, I think they said a year.


Anyway, they raised money during the game as well and everyone had way too much fun in the process.


Case in point:  The Wanna-Be Hanson Brother, Todd.

It wasn’t a requirement to play dress-up, he just did.  Cause he could.   Cause, thanks to Hockey Mom Ed for the glasses given to him at the Alpena Bantams Year-End Hockey Party and Craig Froggett (Jake’s coach from the previous season) for the wig, he totally HAD to!  It was his chance to live out a dream.


Some people just dream bigger than others I guess.


The DeVere coach is actually a referee that ref’d many a game this past season for Jake’s team.  Well, many other teams too.   I only know him as Mr. Gillian.  He was rockin’ the coach look all to heck.  Sorry if I spelled your name wrong, Ref/Coach.  Did I mention your wife is purty?


Another notable person that got into the spirit of the game was the owner of DeVere Construction, Mr. Crittenden.


He was sporting his original Alpena football helmet and a pair of boxing gloves for a while.  Then he got thrown out of the game for doing this…


He was showing off his wrestling moves during a face off.  (The wrestling official is number 16, “Wedge”.)  Mr. Crittenden came back shortly after with a normal hockey helmet and gloves.  He was heard saying he changed to fool the ref’s so he could get back in the game.  Winking smile

And the craziness went on and on from there…


The crowd “bought” penalty shots for $50 each, wherein they could choose who they wanted to do the shooting.  The crowd could also buy points for a team and buy to have p0ints taken away.  It was insane.  Just ask Kathy Froggett if you see her!


This is a twenty foot custom hockey stick used in one of the penalty shots…Well, they tried to use it.  It had some serious flex to it.


The “Skate-Aide” made an appearance – Patent Pending.  “Skate-Aide” came complete with two bike horns, one air horn and a special blue tassel.  Not an easy unit to navigate…


As evidenced by our player trying to score on his own goalie.  James may or may not have been heard saying to the goalie, “You don’t like that?  Ask me if I care.”


This is one of two ref’s.  This kid is like twelve and knew what he was doing too.  He’s a legal referee for hockey games played in his age group.  I don’t think he knew what to make of DeVere Construction – War Memorial played nice but us?  We were kinda crazy.


He started getting into it though after someone bought a penalty shot in his name.   FYI:  He didn’t score on our goalie.


War Memorial’s goalie took a penalty shot (can’t remember her name) and couldn’t score on us either!   O yeah.

*Note:  I not sure but I don’t think our goalie was able to score on her.


Speaking of shots…There were Pudding Shots flying around the DeVere Construction bench.  Chocolate pudding laced with Bailey’s.

Oh. My. Gosh!  Those were amazingly good and were supplied by this guy…


The other referee.  Thanks Ref!!  And yup, he’s having a Labatt’s Blue.

When’s the last time you saw a ref having an adult beverage during a game?  Ya, me neither.  FYI:  Not a USA Hockey regulation game.


What about a team being supplied non-Gatorade liquids by their own coach?


Nope, me neither.


Ok, this here,  this was great.  This is our goalie, number 31, “Shankie” and the goalie from the other team throwing off their gloves and helmets.  It looked like they were gonna kick up a recently popular hockey occurrence by starting to fight.


Um, no.  They started to waltz.


These numbered pucks shown here…


They were used in the “Puck Chuck”.  Spectators bought them for a price, tossed them to center ice when told to and whoever was closest to the plastic orange hard hat won a prize.


Not surprising in the least, we were not immune to stealing players from the other team as they skated by.


I think the offer of a Pudding Shot sealed the deal here.


Proof here that there was some seriousness that attempted to take place.  This is coaches notes as to who was on defense and offense, etc.  It could also be his grocery list.  Not sure.


Course any attempt at being very serious didn’t last too long.


But there were times when they were playing hard.


“Hanson Wanna-Be Todd” got a goal.  I mean really,  he was channeling a “Hanson” so it was inevitable, right?


His son was impressed.

I was impressed he kept the wig and glasses on the whole time.


I may or may not have been laughing like crazy when we “pulled our goalie” in the last minute of play and instead of one player going out to skate the entire bench cleared.

Check the score…It was funny and wonderful all at the same time.


There was a little boy from the crowd that was impressed enough that when the game was over came down to the ice and got every player’s autograph.  Very cool.  Wish I would have thought of that!


War Memorial Hospital technically won but lets pretend I didn’t tell you that Coach Gillian bought off the score keeper and the trophy went to DeVere Construction for the win.


If you tell, I’ll deny it.

P.S.  Froggett is on his own “Road To Recovery” with a groin injury acquired during the game…Hope you’re doing well and your ice is good and cold man!  Again, thanks for including us!


17 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

  1. Todd only you could pull this off. We are very proud of you for doing this, and what a wonderful cause. It sounded like a blast would have been a treat to see. However I think your dad would have been laughing so hard he would have missed most of the game. We know how hard his laughing spurts can be, just ask the Moors from the summer we were up there.


  2. I love the part where they threw down their helmets like they were going to fight but waltzed instead!!! I’d start going to games if it could be this much fun. We Love Todd even more for doing this!!!


  3. Very nice………… as Todd was channeling the “Hanson boys” you were channeling “Anne Leibovitz”. Lots of hidden talent in that family. Coach


  4. I didn’t think that Todd could get any better looking. :) So glad to hear you all had a great time for such a great cause. All my best.


  5. looks like we all missed another awesome weekend watching the game we all love ,glad to see todd /hansen brother was enjoying the glasses !!


  6. Dee,
    I hope the 3 of you had as much fun at this fund raiser as it was to read your story of this event! What a great way to raise money. Thank you to Todd and you and Jake as well! (What happens to Shelby when you are gone like this?) I love the idea of “pudding shots”. I believe EVERY hockey arena should offer them at their concession stand. I bet I would not be the only one in line to get one…or more than one.

    You have inspired us to rent Slap Shot again and watch it. (By the way, what was the aluminum foil for–missing teeth?)

    Great job by everyone involved. I hope someone tells the people who use the van how the funds where raised. It would have to lighten their spirits.


    1. It was entirely too much fun! We plan on being available in any way they need us next year.
      Regarding Shelby, she helps hold down the ranch when we’re gone and is taken care of by many. ;)
      Excellent idea …Those Pudding Shots should be a standard at every hockey arena – the name alone makes it a sure fire seller!
      From what I understand the aluminum foil was what the Hanson Brothers used to wrap their knuckles with before they put their hockey gloves on. I have no idea why, but I bet Gene could answer that!
      A big “Amen” on letting the patients know how the money was raised as I think you are right it would lighten their spirits, especially if they saw a picture of Todd in his wig and glasses!


  7. Movie and Shots, sounds like a good family fun night. Now, you know what I mean, a little something for the kiddos and something good for us’n.


  8. That looked like an unbelievable amount of fun. Both participating on the ice and watching the chaos from the stands. It reinforces my belief that all the fun people choose to live in the north country where it’s cold and dark all the time and we have to invent bizarre ways to entertain ourselves. Well done!


  9. Wow…still amazed at how well this entire event went!! The Road to Recovery crew hadn’t done this sort of thing before…so we were pretty wide eyed…but man, those DeVere peeps know how to do it up right!! We owe them the world for the awareness they have brought to this tremendous program in our teeny lil community. Still trying to figure out the heads and tails of exactly how much was raised (money was coming in left and right!!!)…but we’re pretty close to about $20,000 for this event alone!! Thanks seems like such a small word to offer to the likes of Mr. Crittenden, Mr. Froggett, and Mr. James…but we are ever so grateful for their help! We’ve gotten rave reviews with the new van…without this benefit and DeVere/Onaway Auto…it would not be possible!! A few thousand thank you’s to all who helped!! See you next year~ :o)


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