So Not Glamorous


This is a limited pictorial view of my past week and every picture has at least one white colored item in it that looks like a roll of toilet paper.


These are round bales that we did up for a dairy guy last summer.  They are wrapped like this to hold the moisture in.  Unlike horse hay where-in moisture is a bad thing.


Todd or Matt has been running the loading tractor at the “West 80 Property”.  This particular day it was Todd.


They spear the bales one by one and load six of them on a flat-bed trailer.


My job has been to help strap them down.  Notice, no straps…I was getting to it.


Then the other part of my job has been to truck them up to the dairy which is north about twenty minutes.

Notice, no straps….I already took them off.  I’m fast.  Ok, I’m only slightly faster than I was when I first accepted this gig.


So once I pull in the back driveway someone is always available to unload me.  Thank you Miller Feed guys! – FYI:  they share the same driveway with the dairy.  I was told that if I wanted or if no one was around, I could unload them myself…I haven’t yet.  That tractor freaks me out.  Too many strange controls.


Looks like we have room for four more doesn’t it?  Or are you looking at the mud?  Ugh, it got deeper as the days went by and had a lovely cow poop smell to it too.

*Note:  I miss hockey.

We could put four more on but then we’d be over the legal weight limit for the road restrictions they have in place now.  And though I just happened to have a nice visit with the Weigh Master in the middle of the road the other day (long boring story and yes I was loaded with bales) I wouldn’t want to get stopped by him.


Speaking of road restrictions there’s plenty now, as is the norm in many northern states this time of year.  For a few days I had to be off the roads by ten o’clock in the morning.  This has been lifted since the temperature dropped.  I can only drive on a few certain roads while loaded and only at 35 mph .


Can’t you smell that from there?  Oh, cow poop mud!  A true dairyman or cattle person would say, “That’s the smell of money”.  Uh huh.

Smell aside, it is a kind of a cool unit isn’t it?

Tomorrow is my last day of hauling and I may have to buck up and run it myself.  Jeez, I hope not.


To be on the safe side I just baked up a pan of Coffee Toffee Bars for my “Miller Feed Crew”.  It might get me through my last four loads.


7 thoughts on “So Not Glamorous

  1. I remember the coffee toffee bars you made when we were there. GOOD
    With the curfew on the roads, sounds like when you are kids and that darn curfew. Guess it is the same keeps you out of trouble.


  2. Dee,
    They look like giant marshmallows to me. Sure would need a large cup of hot chocolate for them to fit in. I am amazed at your job description. I think I would have baked the bars also. If you have a chance sometime please email me your recipe for the bars, I need to take a pan of bars to church in a couple of weeks.



  3. Ahh, I feel so lost when I don’t catch up on my daily blog reads for a while. Good to be somewhat caught up now :-). I hate the mud too, but the wind we have today should dry all ours out by nightfall. Mud or wind? Mud or wind? Which do I dislike more…?


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