View From A Truck


Our little rain showers that constantly followed us around last week during our annual “Take A Semi Load of Hay To Florida During Spring Break” gig was nothing compared to the craziness that landed on the Southeast (and beyond) a few days ago.  We got home before all the drama…Thank you God.


We heard there was horrendous high winds, a lot rain and some tornados.

That’s crazy in a car and so scary in a semi!


This fog here, in the mountains of Tennessee, was scary enough.


This was taken on the same day.


As was this.


And this.


Ahhh, yellow daffodils!


Oh yes, and this.

There was a wreck up ahead.

There’s a lot of wrecks around big cities isn’t there?  We’re spoiled rotten up here in nowhere land.  Less rigs, less wrecks.

Downside:  Less Starbucks. 

*BTW…That instant Starbucks I bought?  Not bad at all.

Todd so badly wanted me to call this lady on my cell phone and see if she’d sell us some cookies right there on the Interstate.  Then he wanted me to get out, grab the cookies and get back in.  Ha.  Didn’t happen.


That got me sent to the backseat.

Eh, it was Jake’s turn up front anyway.

Now that my 14+ loads (for real, I lost count after 11) of laundry is a thing of the past and most everything is put back in its place, I might be able to share a few things we saw from the outside of the semi.


9 thoughts on “View From A Truck

  1. I would have called for the cookie!! and I would have run up to get them. Silly girl! I’d do it for the chocolate mints. Yummmmm
    Love the flowers –


  2. Dee,
    I think the way the cookie sales go is THEY deliver. You should have tried it!
    I hate driving in heavy rain. It is just like snow, you can’t see anything. Glad that it finally cleared up and you got to see the beautiful spring. Looking forward to more.


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