A Boys Spring Break


I hope your picture expectations weren’t too high regarding our trip…If so, you might be a little on the disappointed side.


I’ve been wondering how do I share a post like this one without giving the impression that we are over the top rednecks or worse… just plain ‘ol weird?


You know, in our defense, it wasn’t really picture taking weather the whole time.

And for the record, if I was being totally honest, I know we’re kinda weird.


Like my new rubber boots?  They came in handy!

Since we’ve kinda exhausted a certain someone’s choices of things to go see and do it should come as no surprise that we were spotted at various Peterbilt truck dealerships from here to Florida.


Ok, not that we wouldn’t be seen hanging around these places anyway even if there were other things to go do and see.  Like take in a carriage museum, attend a driving competition, window shop stores in Ocala, Orlando or Tampa,  or heck, hit a sushi bar.  I’m just sayin’.


Oh yeah…THIS is soooo much better, especially if you happen to be a 14 year old boy, who can’t stop thinking about trucks, or lug nuts, or smoke stacks, or motors…or trucks.

*For the record:  Jake is not 14.  This was not a typo.  I just conveniently forgot my son is now 15.  That not only makes him old but apparently me too.

This was a gorgeous truck I have to say.  I thought we should have taken this one home.  But we were window shopping, boy-style mind you, so we moved on.




…and this is downtown Tampa.


I liked the use of greens here in their landscaping.  Liked the brick and loved the block driveway.

I hear horse shoes on that.  Can you?


A Live Oak in front of a municipal building.

Must have been a very old building because Live Oaks surrounded it and they were ginormous.


I loved their street signs, the dolphin is so fitting.

I wonder, if our town had a surplus of money, and they did up ornate signs like this, what they’d use in place of the dolphin.

Snowmobiles?  No.

Ships?  No.

Something more year round…like…


Yup.  Big, dumb deer.  I know Bambi would get the vote.

You’re right.  They aren’t big here.

I know I’m mean.  I can’t help it.  I grew up with draft horse deer.  The deer, which by the way, are back in the front field 33 times a day now that it’s spring, are more the size of gerbils in these here parts.


This is going across the causeway over Tampa Bay to Clearwater beach.

This concludes my beach pictures.  It was not the prettiest of days and kinda breezy.  I so didn’t want sand in my camera.  You all know what the ocean looks like anyway.


We stopped at the National Air Museum in Dayton, Ohio on the way home again this year.


It’s still neat as ever.


Jake was putting the finishing touches a presentation on the “Zero” plane from WWII for school so when he found out that this particular plane was at the museum, well, he was like – “SCORE!”




One. Tall. Drink. Of. Water.


Ever wonder how they get chairs so stinkin’ straight?


Me neither but this is how the military does it.


Neat huh?  Keep that in the back of your mind for your next gathering of four-hundred plus.


I’m gonna end the museum tour w/ this.

It’s as close as I got to anything I was remotely interested in.


But then it wasn’t my Spring Break, was it?  Winking smile

Seriously, I had a great time (we all did) but I was happy to eventually see this:

Florida Trip 2011

Love coming home!


13 thoughts on “A Boys Spring Break

  1. You make a tour of any old boring place – interesting! Don’t tell the boys I said the truck and plane museums were boring! Its just between me and you – ok?


  2. I love the lights on the new trucks, they look like something from the 50’s.
    That’s what I miss in the cars today, no color, no chrome just a tab bit boring. Unlike you posts!


  3. Jake were the kids impressed when you did your report and their were pictures of you by the zero plane?. As always Dee very educational along with great pictures.


  4. Dee,
    The red/cream truck is beautiful! So where your boots. They went well with the truck.

    Thanks for the tip on setting up straight rows of chairs! All take notice. Whoever sets up chairs for the wedding this is how you do it!

    I’m sure the “boys” spring break was great.


  5. Being the mother of a son (who’s grown now), I can totally understand the places you visited. My son was soooo into planes when he was a teenager.
    We’re friends (and sometimes travel) with a couple. The guy is always looking at 18-wheelers when we’re on the road. He wants to drive one when he retires from his current job.
    Loving your blog!


    1. I’m sure it had a story but I only got as far as noticing it had Idaho on it! Jake glanced at it then it was off to the “more interesting” older ones. It musta been stationed down in S. Idaho for a time. They’ve got an airbase down there round Boise don’t they?


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