Our nice cover of snow has been steadily giving away to muddy roads and sloshy paddocks.  Or maybe it’s more like muddy corrals and sloshy poor excuse for roads.

Either way, I’m gonna so miss the snow.  (Please don’t hate me!)


It’s always been tough for me this time of year when it all starts to melt away.

And that thought alone led me to ask myself – ”What is my deal?”  Yah, I think snow is great, far better than dirt or mud, but what is it about losing it?  I think Spring, Summer and Fall have their good points too.  And then it hit me.


Losing the snow means my party is over.

My “time off” is done and now it’s back to work.

I’ve never entertained the idea that I could be remotely lazy but…Hmmm…It’s a possibility because I’ve begun to think the reason I love winter is because it means I don’t gotta mow, weed, trim anything or…mow.

Oh my.  Don’t you just feel sorry for me here?

As if anything here was remotely strenuous.

Still, these scenes are now a distant fond memory…









*Note:  I miss hockey.

Wait, I will rephrase that:  “I miss our hockey friends”.

Okay, I might miss it a little.  I’m really gonna miss it when I’m sitting in a nice cozy two-hundred and fifty degree hay truck long about July/August.









Good bye snow boots.


“See ya around November”.


Hello new rubber boots!

I haven’t had new rubber boots …. well, in a very long time.


Nothing like a new pair of boots to make the change of seasons just a little easier on a girl!


11 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. Very nice tribute to snow and hello new boots! At least the mud is not as bad as it was in the corrals in Sandpoint! Remember losing boots out in that much and mire?


  2. WOW! You have some gorgeous photos here! I just saw your comment over at PW’s – it struck me because your name is Dianna – spelled the same as mine. When I saw the comment, I thought: “hmm. that wasn’t what I typed!”.
    Going to check out more of your blog right now!


    1. Thanks and how funny is that?? You thinking “that wasn’t what I typed” :)
      Just barely scanned your blog, read your “About Page” and wanna tell you my son would die four times over to be involved in car racing! Going back to read more in depth.


  3. Don’t worry, I miss the snow too. You’re not alone in your insanity. :) It was 85 and humid when we stopped for dinner somewhere in Nebraska on our way home from Utah. 5 minutes in that and I was wishing for snow again. :)


  4. I totatlly missed the snow…(never got any to speak of! So I miss it to!) I love the boots! Both pairs! I just bought a new pair of rubber boots last fall and I was soooo excited. All my other ones are at the farm and are not just “mine” anymore. I wear them around to garden here but they have come in handy in the mushy rain soaked grass. I’ve never known such swishy ground as it is very in the valley. No rocks in the soil so the water just sits like a sponge. Very weird. I just bought some new green rubber clogs for summer! I get more excited about shoes I can wear in the mud than shoes I can wear on a night out. Boy I must be a redneck! :)


  5. Dee,
    It is a good thing that you and Betsy live where there are long winters, much snow, cold, wind and sub zero temps. It would be ashame to waste these “winter things” on people who do not appreciate them. I so admire the both of you.

    I love your mud boots and your snow boots. I should send you a picture of my snow boots, they have to go into the garbage can after this winter. First time ever in my life where I have woren out a pair of snow boots.


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