Weighing In


It’s acting like spring time out this way.  We’ve finally had our infamous March winds these past couple of days.  Only a month late.  Isn’t March supposed to be the windy month?  Then April showers.  Then May flowers?  Maybe that applies to other areas of the country.

The last report I heard was that it is supposed to rain here every day from today through next Thursday.   We must be gonna try and pack in a month of rain in a few days time. 

The vegetation is gonna love it…stuff round here is thinking about budding up and out.

Last Tuesday (think it was Tuesday) it was time to see how much the horses have been budding up and out since the last time they were weighed.


Not that we wouldn’t be able to tell from lookin’ at ‘em but still…


There’s a handy scale here on the place so why not use it?

One by one the other afternoon, as the horses were coming off pasture and before they were put in their stalls for the night (and dinner), they had to pass over the scale first to be weighed.


“Extreme” wasn’t exactly convinced he needed to do this maneuver. 

I could only imagine his thinking,

“No one really likes a scale.  Besides, I’ve heard they lie.”


With some reassurance from Todd he did as he was asked. 

I think he was afraid we were gonna find out that he hasn’t gained any weight since the last time he was weighed. 

Sorry man.  We can tell by lookin at ya that you need to pack on quite a few more pounds before show season.  Some of your other buddies, not so much.  But you?  You need to EAT!


This is “Ben”  he’s a young one like “Ex” and can use a few more pounds too.  Of course as with any young horse that will come with age as we humans can certainly relate to!


Ben had no issues with walking right up.


Being great to avoid Todd’s feet.


And then stand there like a gentleman so I could jot down his weight on the chart. 

“What?  Did I do that right?” 

Me:  “Ya did good Ben.”

“So then what’s the big deal?  Piece-a-cake!”.



“Yes Benny?”

“Can I have cake for dinner?”

“Benny my boy, if you can convince “Extreme” to eat more I’ll make it for you myself, every night for a week”.


7 thoughts on “Weighing In

  1. That’s o.k. Extreme some of us are afraid to get on the scale too. Sounds like you are having the same weather that we have had and going to get also. Thursday and Thursday night you would have thought the house was going to blow away. Terrible Terrible.


  2. We don’t know if it is winter or spring here. Last night we got 4″ of snow but most of it has melted by now. Some of the ice is starting to melt at the shore line so we will welcome the rain over the next few days as it speeds up the process of melting. Wind we do not want because the ice chunks just rip up the beach and yard. We always hope for a friendly melt.

    As for the scale, I wish I had Extreme’s problem. Long winters seem to have different effect on me!


  3. I just love looking at pictures of those horses. You could post about them everyday, and it would be okay with me!
    Sorry you’re having rain. Tornadoes near us last night; pics on my blog tomorrow!


  4. Wonderful pictures, as always! Yesterday we had snow, rain, sleet, hail, and sunshine. It was a typical Northwest day. And I started my garden seeds. Hopefully that brings on the planting weather!


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