The Past Ten Days

While the wind is whipping snow and ice off Lake Huron and Jake is praying for no school tomorrow and dinner is burning simmering on the stove.  I thought I’d go thru my camera card and sort pictures.

These, from the last ten days, are some that I thought were share-worthy.

*SOCC = Straight Out of the Camera Captures – Didn’t want to edit, thought I’d better get to a landscape plan and quilting project that needs finishing before outside stuff starts calling!  (Someone please send help).













7 thoughts on “The Past Ten Days

  1. Dee,
    Kayo is right. You have an excellent eye for photos. The one of Shelby is just great! How majestic she looks. Just like she is saying “look at beautiful me!” The one of Jake–he looks so deep in thought. He must have been thinking about hockey or perhaps when he will be able to drive his truck by himself.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.


  2. Jake it looks like you are in deep thought about something. Must be wondering if you are going to get enough snow for a snow day. I love the way the sun is coming thru the barn.


  3. Thanks for the nice comments you guys! I just love coming back here and seeing what you all thought. It’s so fun.

    The one taken in the barn was at 7:30pm. I’d gone out to do night chores. That consists of throwing a bit of hay to everyone and making sure no one is acting sick. Because the stall lights were on it gave the aisle a nice glow. That was Boots, the cat, sitting on the hay I was to feed.

    The picture of Jake was taken in the “farm office”. Him and his dad were deep in discussions about hockey equipment or new tires for his truck… I can’t remember exactly. So Joyce, safe bet w/either of those topics and Karla, we had that snow day Wednesday!

    The one of Shelby…I had been laying on the floor with her reading my camera manual and fiddling with buttons on the camera itself when Jake had gone into the kitchen to get her the nightly dog treat. Well, you can see what happened next.


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