A Week Ago Today


A week ago today, in late afternoon hours, it started to snow.  Hard.




By bedtime it was whipping up the makings for yet one more School Cancellation come morning. 




Not exactly good news for a kid.  They already have to make up a few days because they’ve gone over on their allotment of snow-days for the year.  Jake was not the least bit concerned about that, “What’s one more?” he remarked.  At his age it’s still about living for the now baby.




Instead of going to bed, I shut off the deck light and grabbed the tripod.  Hand holding the camera was fine with the light on but I wanted to see what I could get with it off.  The orange glow was the available light the camera could gather and I attributed it to the shop lights reflecting off the clouds over by the barn.




This was one of those wet-snow/icy spring storms, the kind straight out of the north east complete with big winds, thunder and lightening.

Wouldn’t you agree, that nothing says “storm” like one out of the east?

There wasn’t a whole lot of  lightening.  Certainly not enough for me to capture any, though I sure wanted to.  Lightening on snow is amazing.  Till we’d moved to the mid-west, I’d never seen it before; never even knew it could do that.




In the morning it was still coming down and there was of course no school.




We all three agreed it looked as if we’d slept through both farming and haying seasons and woke to Winter 2011-2012.   “Let hockey season begin!”, my winter loving husband exclaimed.  




Not sure the birds were as excited as some humans.  Then again they probably roll with it way better than most of us do, especially when the feeder fairies keep the feeders full.


12 thoughts on “A Week Ago Today

  1. My favorite shot is the 2nd one – with the snow trails! The only time I was in a snow storm with thunder and lightening was in Sandpoint. We were coming home from somewhere – maybe Seattle and some where between Spokane and home we saw the dark threatening cloud ahead of us – then we heard the thunder and saw the bolts of lightening and then it snowed. I could not believe it!!! Way weird! Spooky in a way.


  2. Looks like you guys got more of the snow that they said northern Minn. got. As much as I wanted winter to be over the days when you would get up in the morning and see the fresh snow hanging on the pines and etc. it is beautiful to look at. Interesting the photo’s with the lights off.


  3. Wow! Love the orange glow pictures! What a crazy storm. It’s looking a little like that today here, but without lightning. How cool. I’d never even heard of that either.


  4. Great pictures Dee! They sure would look great in a stock photo book. So what did the 3 of you do that day with yet another snow day?


    1. What did we do?
      Mmmmm…played in the snow some and watched movies I think.
      Todd got the snowmobiles ‘summerized’ and put away – which was weird considering how wonderfully it was coming down!


  5. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your beautiful photography. I’d love to have a copy of some of these photos to enlarge and frame. All my best to you three.


  6. I’m jealous! I would love to be out playing in the snow right now. I believe it was about 86 yesterday… Spring has missed us completely down here. We went from the 4o’s to 80’s over night it seemed and hasn’t cooled off since. We are supposed to get hit with a big storm tonight, but one with rain… I would much rather have the snow :)


  7. I love the orange glow, once again amazing photography, and the birds were like “I’ll stay right here cause you’re the one who feeds us.”
    I just came in from outside and my Hosta’s are up about 2″-proof there life after this winter!


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