I’m going to let this picture of our flag and everything it stands for be my whole entire post on this most wonderful day.

Rest in peace casualties of September 11th, you are remembered.

God Bless America!


7 thoughts on “Justice

  1. Dee,
    I just sat down at the computer to ask you to do a post on this GREAT accomplishment for our Country. I knew you would have a fabulous picture of the flag and your words would compliment the picture. YOU HAD ALREADY DONE IT! Thank you! Thank you!

    God Bless America!


    1. Soon as I found out this morning I went right out (practically in my PJ’s) and lined the driveway with flags and put up my wooden flag poles here by the house.
      Aren’t you just SO happy? I sure am.


  2. So very happy! I have had tears in my eyes. I want to put the flag up on the end of the dock but it is still too windy here. The wind just shreds the flag.

    Is Jermey home now from his tour of duty? Thank him for his service to our Country and the freedom we all enjoy!


  3. Amen! My husband called me this morning to tell me the news. All I could think of was my friend who was killed in Iraq back in 2003 as well as his sisters and parents… I can’t even imagine what they are feeling right now.


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