Flower Pots & Wagon Wheels


A couple of days ago I volunteered to run down to Indiana and pick up the touched-up wheels for the show wagon so my husband wouldn’t have to.

Behind his back I might have muttered, “A man’s place is on the farm after all”.

No, I didn’t say that.  Not within ear shot anyway. 





So Wednesday morning I jumped in the truck and left for Shipshewana.





While down that way I had hoped to find the much sought after, hard to locate, whiskey barrels (for planting flowers in) for the farm.





Thank you Shipshewana Harness for helping me locate some! 





And helping me load it all. 





And perfectly I might add because because not a thing moved…not even a smidge!





It was a glorious day for my quick trip down and back. 





I will not complain about the 354 times, from sun up to sun down, I ran into road construction – Our poor pot-holed Interstate needs some serious TLC.





As of this afternoon, I have since learned that our local farm and feed has decided to carry the aforementioned barrels. 

Ha.  Too late my friends. 

Besides the barrels helped keep these fancy wheels from bouncing all over the horse trailer and becoming expensive toothpicks. 


4 thoughts on “Flower Pots & Wagon Wheels

  1. Love the barrels! I just told my husband last week that I wanted to find some to plant flowers and find a rain barrel to put on the side of the house. I hate watching water pour of roof and then just sit in a puddle when I could reuse it to water my plants!
    Show wagon… looking forward to the post and photos to explain that one! :)


  2. Love your photos! Especially the Amish buggy and the sunset. Glad you had a good trip – and found your whiskey barrel! Be sure to post pictures of them with flowers planted inside.


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