Back in his Coors days…


he was known as Hollywood.


In his Budweiser days he was first known as Junior….

1scan0007 (2)

then just plain Todd Rod.


Now he’s known as Dad…and a dang good one at that.

Happy Birthday Todd, a.k.a. Husband




8 thoughts on “A.K.A.

  1. Todd
    You are also known as a nephew and also our favorite nephew! Happy Birthday Todd. Hope you have a good day. You are loved by all of your family.

    Dave & Joyce


  2. Some people are known by all the hats they wear, you are know by all the names you have had. When you were little we could never have imagined because of horses you would have so many nicknames. We should have taken more notice when you hung a picture of the Budweiser 8 horse hitch in your room from 7th grade and it stayed there until you went with Bud. Jim Hilgendorf is responsible for helping you get there. Have a great day, hope you can get some of your farming done and it stops raining.


  3. Happy Birthday Todd!

    When he lived with us after just moving to Colorado, in my head I referred to him as “brother” because he was way nicer to me than Pete. :)

    Nice photo’s Dee. Haven’t seen some of those in years!


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