Rain, You’re Not Helping

*Correction found within…proving once again I ain’t no farmer.


Remember a while back when I said that since we weren’t getting our April showers (because it was snowing) we’d probably get them in May?  Um…here’s a time when I’m not pleased as punch with myself for actually being right.


No sooner were they able to get into the fields to begin the 2011-2012 season it started raining and it really hasn’t stopped.  This week as been especially bad.


Tractor + Wet Field = Four Letter Words 


So while on one hand there isn’t any field work being done because it’s too wet, the upside is we are not flooding.  No one was put out of their homes.  No homes have washed away.  Lives haven’t been altered or lost.

My heart goes out to people in the South.  I can’t even imagine that kind of devastation and heartbreak.  Not even a smidge.


All these pictures are of an older hay-field taken last Monday before the over abundance of H2O began.   We took hay off of this field last summer.  Eventually it will get planted in corn and that will put some much needed nitrogen back into the soil making it a better hay-field later down the road.  But, but – it and all the other fields slated for corn crops must be planted before the tenth of June (give or take a day).  Something about x-number of growing days needed for corn before the day light starts waning or else it’s just a waste of time and money.

*Correction:  Corn does not put nitrogen back in the soil.  The reason this alfalfa/grass hay-field got plowed under is because it was old (5-7 yrs old is old).  The best crop for our area to follow it with is corn.  Why?  Well, the old hay-field, by nature, is full of nitrogen and corn has very high nitrogen needs. So…since the nitrogen was free it’s one less fertilizer to buy for the corn to make it happy.

Todd:  “You need to start consulting me before you do anymore crop posts”.

{Insert all that explaining here x 2}

Dee:  “Well, does this mean that my being right about the rain gets cancelled out because I was wrong about the nitrogen?”

Todd:  “Uh, Ya”.


See, up here in Northern Michigan our growing season is much shorter than say Iowa and that makes our window of opportunity smaller.  That smaller window also extends to our haying operation too but that’s a whole nother matter with all it’s own issues.

Mmmm… “on or about the 10th of June”.  That will work out perfect because this coming Tuesday I’m flying out to visit family and I fly back in on the 9th of June.

Oh yes, I got permission from you know who and I ought to be back in time to cut the first field of hay.  It was the reason he’s letting me leave in the first place.  Slave driver.

See you all from Montana!


6 thoughts on “Rain, You’re Not Helping

  1. Rain. We have lots of it! We had our months quota all this weekend in a 24 period. It went from a beautiful day, in which I planted some more of my garden, to a flooded garden an hour after I got done planting. Ugh. Can’t wait to see where the little seeds floated off to! Ugh. The river really rose fast too. I really hope we are done with it for a while. Rumor has it we have about 5 days of dry weather coming. I hope so! Have fun in Montana!


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