Top Three Favorites


I’ve been in Yellowstone since last Friday.

It was horrible let me tell you…All that scenery. 




Over the next few days, if you have patience enough to  indulge me, I’m going to share my most favorite shots of this incredible park.




For now, I’m sending up a prayer of thanks that these big buggars are not in the corrals and stalls that need to be cleaned this morning!


12 thoughts on “Top Three Favorites

  1. That place is amazing. The only time we have been there was in May. We went someplace around there to see Todd (I know Gene would remember where) But one entrance was closed because of snow, and Ralph and Lill met up with us. Have a good trip


  2. Yellowstone is on my bucket list!!! My step-dad is living there for the next three years working on a construction project. I think I will have to crash with him and check it out sometime soon!! SOOOOO beautiful!


    1. Hey, we saw road and bridge construction – maybe that was your step-dad!
      Definetly go – soon! After Labor Day would be less people and the color would be unreal.
      I really want to go back someday during the fall mths or full on winter!


  3. can’t wait to see your photos!! I love Yellowstone. Great photos of the bison charging down the road. Check out these photos a photographer got of a bear chasing a bison down the road in Yellowstone. Crazy!!! You may have to copy and paste that, I don’t know how links work in the comments section. Or just Google “bear chases bison”


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