More Yellowstone Pictures


I can say that I’ve seen plenty of Bison in my time, but none in a setting quite like this.

Makes me wanna sing “Home On The Range”  in the worst way.  Which would be in the worst way because I can’t sing worth crap.




Seeing bison was cool and all but I’ve never ever seen a bear in the wild till this trip.  

All these years I’ve been feeling kind of jilted.  You see, even though my stomping grounds were North Idaho and Northwestern Montana I’d never ever seen a bear.  Oh, plenty of signs of bear while riding horseback in the summers or while huckleberry picking (thank you God I didn’t see any during either of those times) but I never caught sight of a bear.  You can imagine my excitement to see a Grizzly bear at such a nice distance! 

By the way, while I’m on the subject, I also got to see my first live wolf too.  (I’ve seen plenty of road kill ones on Hwy 2 in Northern Michigan and Wisconsin – I know, crazy). The female wolf I saw was at too great a distance for a decent picture but it’s eerie form and movement is forever in my mind. 




If I could get away with pitching a tent right there on the left I could live happily ever after…




…that is until winter kicked in, then I’d be begging to come back home.

But I’m up for late Spring, Summer and early Fall.  I’m not picky.




The new Visitors Center…




…with wonderful benches sitting under the over hang.




The Old Faithful Inn is at the background and to the right out of view.




Old Faithful early in the morning.







Biscuit Basin with all it’s steam rolling forth from geysers.




Another gorgeous location for a sturdy tent. 

Maybe a nice yurt would be best.  With a solar powered espresso machine.  And down comforters.  Let’s throw in a wood stove for fun too.




Midway Basin – Grand Prismatic Spring.




Midway Basin – Grand Prismatic Spring off to the left.




Raise your hand if you love the smell of sage brush.

My husband doesn’t know it yet but when I get home I’m ripping up the lawn and planting sage brush. I didn’t know I missed the smell so much!

I just had a thought:  If I carry through with that lawn remodel I should think about pricing a yurt built for one.

*Note:  My mom did up a “Day Two” and “Day Three” of our time in this awesome treasure of a park.  Check’em out if you want to.


3 thoughts on “More Yellowstone Pictures

  1. Those pictures are breathtaking. I must admit that I’ve never really thought much about visiting Yellowstone. But, after seeing your pictures, it just may be in our future. (haven’t told Hubby yet, but he’d be up for it, I’m sure!)
    Thanks for sharing these. They’re fabulous!


  2. My hand is raised! I love the smell of sage brush. I took a photo of you while you were taking this photo. Can you find it on my blog? :-)
    And to Dianna who commented above – YES – You must see Yellowstone Park to believe it. It is best to stay IN the Park for at least one night – two is better, but they stay booked up so plan ahead. The beds at Snow Lodge were new and comfy – my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light! Woke to the early morning light and was refreshed and ready to roll.


  3. Beautiful pictures as usual. Gene said I should tell you for the last two years we have had bears right in little No. St.Paul. Not the same one as they had to kill one last year, to aggresive, the other one that tried re-locating.


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