Old Faithful Inn’s Secret


Old Faithful Inn has a little secret that not very many people know.




It doesn’t have anything to do with the widow’s walk where our nations flag and the Wyoming, Idaho and Montana flags fly.




It’s not located anywhere on the exterior of this wonderful old, now historic, 1904 hotel.




The little known secret is inside.




It doesn’t have anything to do with Old Glory or the lighting.




It doesn’t have to do with the cool log, tree house-like construction.












Nor the clock/fireplace chimney.

By looking at the picture of it see if you can find what’s wrong with the clock.   I hear tell they are going to make it right in the coming weeks.




The secret isn’t in the dining room either.




It’s here.




And here.




And here.




And here is the very spot where my Aunt Mia told me what not many folks know.

The secret is under everyone’s noses or in this case their behinds.

The secret is:  All this furniture is original to the hotel.  Every bit of it. 

Yes, really!

Wait there’s more!  There’s a secret inside the secret…

It’s Stickley.  Yah, that Stickley.  The furniture company from New York.

Now, I’m no furniture expert by any means but even this country girl knows the name Stickley!




Would you not want to sit here and write a letter or an email for that matter? Can you imagine how many people have sat in this very spot and done one or the other for over a hundred years?




This here?  This is my spot.  My chair.  Stickley made it for me.

(Or not.)

The kid sitting here just didn’t realize it.

I didn’t come down on him too hard.




I must clarify the original leather on all pieces has of course been replaced, probably more than once.  But the wood, oh my gosh the wood.




Aunt Mia told me a story she heard:  During the 1950’s they’d have dances here and it was so packed full of people that they were not only on the main floor shown below but on every level above it.




If the furniture could only talk!




I was so enthralled taking pictures that I completely forgot I wanted to try out the rocking chairs.  I can only imagine how soothing they must be, especially given the surroundings, inside and out!

Oh!  All the rugs on the main floor are brand new. They replace the old original ones and were painstakingly color matched and recreated over the winter.

They look great Mia!




This Montana metal creation has nothing to do with Stickley. 

But it does have something to do with Mia.  In addition to the rug project she also had her hand and great taste in what is appropriate in this and at least one other recycle bin over at the Snow Lodge (I think there was another one someplace – if there was I didn’t get a picture of it).  She was pleased we noticed and commented on them.  How could we not?




She wasn’t required to go with these but she saw some like them while visiting the town of Red Lodge, Montana and thought they’d be perfect. 

If it weren’t for her they’d be them drab, no personality suckers we all see so often.  I like her thinking and I love that she wanted something more appealing…Yellowstone Park deserves so much better.




I bet’cha even Stickley himself would be impressed.


10 thoughts on “Old Faithful Inn’s Secret

  1. What a great story teller you have become. Some high school history class, missed out on you!
    Someone doesn’t know how to write the Roman Numeral for the #4. It should be IV.
    If you are still there, enjoy the weather because it hit 90 today. So far no rain and that’s a first in about two months!


    1. Thanks for such a nice compliment! You got the #4 thing on the clock right.
      90? Oh my. Yuck. I’ll take the 60 degree we are having with zero complaining!
      Hope your pastures are coming in good with all that sun!


    1. It is a sight to behold.
      A must see/bucket list item forsure!
      Well, really the whole West is. But I’m not the least bit biased!
      You need any help planning a trip to the Park someday you just let one of us know! ;)


  2. I’m just going to stop taking pictures! Yours and Kayo’s are outrageous. Okay…some maybe because I’m driving to and fro and trying to snap off a quick with with crackberry.
    Thanks for sharing. Tremendous!


  3. I want to go on vacation!!!!! What amazing pictures of an amazing place. The furniture is beautiful, and who knew a recycling station could be a piece of art? Have a wonderful time on the rest of your journey.


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