All Good Things


My yearly trip home is coming to an end and as I sit here watching the mountains to the west get lighter and lighter I just can’t believe I only have one full day left here in Montana.

However, just as when I left to come here…I’m excited to go but sad to leave.



The past few days, in between storm systems, we’ve done about as much driving as we could.

The horses pictured above had never all been driven together as a four, driven as pairs yes, but not all hitched together like you see here.  The leaders had never been leaders before and the wheelers, never wheelers.



They did beyond excellent…they’d done it like they’d been sneaking out of their corrals at night practicing by moonlight all by themselves.

Pictured is:

Leaders:  Legend and Manny

Wheelers:  Brew and Image

Driver:  My dad, Alex

Passenger:  Katherine, a driving student.

Ballast/Navigator:  Me

Vehicle:  Marathon Vehicle – A four-wheeled horse drawn vehicle used for competition.



The next day, when we drove them again, we put every horse in a different position.  The result was no different – they were fantastic!



It was great fun and even the ranch horses along side the road were thinking it looked like a blast.



I’m going to miss it but that old saying about good things coming to an end is running through mind right now.  Of course I wish it wouldn’t but there are good things waiting for me in Michigan, like haying  my men.  So goodbye Montana, till next time!

* All pictures courtesy of my mother !


13 thoughts on “All Good Things

  1. Loved seeing that team. We have a team we bought from your wonderful Dad — the Music Boys and the Black Boys…..perhaps you remember them, we bought the first pair in 09 and the second in 10. What is the breeding and ages of this team? We might know of someone who would be interested in using them as coaching horses. Thanks. Caroline Cox


    1. I do remember them.
      The ages are: Leaders: 10 and 11 Wheelers: 8 and 9.
      My dad calls them Wellington Coach Horses ;) and they are Percheron – Thoroughbred crosses.
      Hope you are enjoying your horses!


  2. What lovely picutres! Nice team, there! The scenery looks so huge and wide open. We must make a trip there and have a lesson.
    I know what you mean about being sad to go. That happens every time I go visit my family in Michigan, too.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Oh, I love these pictures! Motor Man and I go horse and carriage riding whenever we see the opportunity!

    I know it’s bittersweet to leave, but it’s always good to get back home, too!


  4. Thank you for thinking of me!!!!! The horses coats and conditioning look
    great as always as your DAD is a master at keeping his beloved horses
    ready to go at all times.

    I truly love Manny and it is great to see him so happy doing what he does
    best. I too have been on that ride in the marathon so I know how much
    you loved every minute of it and yes your photos of the mountains are

    Love you!
    Thanks, Dot


    1. That Manny horse is a ROCK STAR, well all four of them are but he’s just a tad bit special isn’t he?
      If him and Brew would’a fit in my luggage they’d be home w/me now!!
      Thanks for leaving a comment Dot.


  5. Tyler tried to laugh at all of you wearing helmets to go down the road like that. I explained that those things go FAST! Then he wasn’t quite so judgmental ;-).


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