It Has Begun


As of Sunday, June 12th, 2011 our haying season officially started.





No, really.

I’m excited.


I was so excited I used the video recording option on my camera for the very first time.

And then for the very first time ever I uploaded a video to YouTube.

Yah, this video.

I felt the need to label it “Private”.


I have no idea.

Super neat though right?


Come on.

Just trying to get all jacked up here.


Give me an “H”!

Give me an “A”!

Give me a “Y”…


I have no idea.

Oh wait…yes I do!


I am all jacked up because I just remembered when the front pasture is cut it means that smell, that smell I really, really like love (next to sage brush and wet grease wood and warm pine needles) is gonna come wafting through the windows.

The smell of curing hay!



8 thoughts on “It Has Begun

  1. Ahhh… I love the smell of fresh hay!! Of course, we would have it delivered for our horses so I know it wasn’t fresh off the farm, but still… it is one of the best smells ever. I loved walking into the barn and smelling the feed and hay. there is nothing quite like it.


  2. Yumm! One of my favorite smells too. I have loved it since I was kid hanging my head out the window going down HWY 95 when I lived with Grandpa and Grandma. Then I grew up and that smell ment we were going to be out in the hot hay feild bucking those sweet smelling bales… Haha! I still love the smell and a SMALL part of me misses being in the hay field! :)


  3. The smell of fresh hay makes me sneeze! :) But, I like it anyway. Looking forward to some great stories and photos from this years’ hay season


  4. I was not raised on or near a farm but I too love the smell of hay. Just be extra careful doing your farm chores. I just heard on the national news tonight farming is the third most dangerous occuption, and I believe it.


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