A Couple Of Things



There was a day a couple of weeks ago (when I was home visiting) that I declared “Family Day”. 

Because my dad was free to play for about 4 days till his next round of driving students arrived I took full advantage and planned a bunch of stuff.  Well, not a bunch, but a couple of things.

The first thing, since it was raining anyway on this particular day and not a lot of driving was gonna get done, we left the horses at home…






and headed to the local nursery.






I wanted to get ideas for the flower barrels here on the farm in Michigan. Though it was too early for my mom and dad to buy anything without the work involved of keeping things covered (the exact reason why I didn’t do this before I left) they wanted to get some ideas for their containers too. 

Seriously, a flower addict just can’t really safely plant stuff outside in our northern climates till about June 1st.






Hey! Unless of course you plant pansies.  Wouldn’t’ you agree that Pansies are not “pansies”.

Aren’t they the flower that handles frost and snow real well?!  I love these colors!!  I want our whiskey barrels full of just this.






Then I saw this.

Snapdragons?  Or?

I call them gorgeous.  They’d look fantastic with the pansies!






Decisions, decisions.

I think they agreed to make the final decision later.






On a different morning since my dad had an appointment in the big town of Missoula we figured this would be a good day to…






leave the gorgeous Deer Lodge area, hit his appointment then drive north into the Swan River Valley and loop ourselves back home. 






All through my growing up years and into my late twenties I was always right next door, like about an hour, but I’d never made the effort to see it.  I had always heard how gorgeous it was…






I wasn’t unimpressed!






I even found one or two pieces of property that day (this was one) that would suffice should I ever win the lottery or decide to pick up the old practice of “Land Squatting”. 

Do ya think “Squatters Rights” is still legal?  No?  Fine.






Nothing says “West” like a buck-rail fence.  I’m gonna build one here in Michigan.  Soon as I can find some lodge pole pine and grow bigger muscles to run the chainsaw.






Not surprising we had rain off and on this day too.





Didn’t matter.  No amount of gray or cloud cover, or rain could make this place ugly. 

Ain’t.  No.  Way.






Here my dad was pointing out where some old friends of the family live.  We didn’t stop.  It was getting late.  Their ranch is just below where he’s a pointin’.  Either that or he was indicating about where my camera would land once he hucked it out the window cause I wouldn’t stop with the pictures.  I don’t remember.  I do my best to ignore the threats.






It was getting about past chore time so we headed back.






Moments after we got home we witnessed a gorgeous end to an equally gorgeous day.

Thanks you two for dragging me around showing me stuff I could care less about twenty years ago!


5 thoughts on “A Couple Of Things

  1. Gorgeous photos!! So, so different from the landscape here on the East Coast. I’m sure you enjoyed your time with your parents. Isnt’ it funny how our interests change over the years. (And I think we’re all guilty of not visiting our local landmarks!)
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful scenery!


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