In Remembrance


Recently, a fellow farmer/neighbor passed away.  He was younger than Todd and I.  He left a wife and young children.  We didn’t know him personally but we recognize his families pain nonetheless.

This past Monday, moments after learning that the funeral procession was going to pass by this farm, Jake and I went out and tied some black landscape fabric on a tractor nearest the road.

Since I had to run an animal up to the vet immediately after I wasn’t around to witness what I heard later described as, “very cool” and “just awesome”.  Apparently, people in the procession were slowing down to look.  Then later dozens of people drove back by and stopped to take pictures.

I had no idea it would have such an impact on folks but then theirs is the type of family that had and still does have an impact on the whole community.

Our thoughts are with them.


9 thoughts on “In Remembrance

  1. This is heartbreaking. So very sad.
    What a wonderful gesture this was to show respect for that young farmer. I’m sure it touched the hearts of his family and friends.


  2. AWW Dee that was an incredible gesture of understanding and support. I am more proud of you every day. How thoughtful. You have also taught Jake how to express himself too and how important it is to let neighbors know you care.


  3. It shows that you’e a very family oriented family and caring and that we are all part of one family, no matter who we are. You guys are great showing Jake what that means, and I’m sure they appreciated it. Always so thoughtful.


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