101st Post!


There was a time when we’d get these by the box full.  Well, no, that’s not exactly true but we used to acquire enough to give one every family member and a huge hand full of friends.  Even though Todd doesn’t work for Anheuser-Busch anymore we still get handed calendars from old (ha ha) co-workers from time to time and that happened very recently.

We’ve already got one hanging on the wall in the kitchen and it was given to us in February when we did our Florida Hay Run.  About a week ago when Todd and Jake took a load out East we were given two more.  (Thanks you guys – just sharing the Budweiser Clydesdale love here!)


Now.  I hadn’t a clue till this morning that my Fourth of July post, my last post I wrote, was my 100th post!  So…I thought it would be fun and very cool and all “blogger-like” to do a giveaway for my 100th posting but actually it would be my 101st.  Cool like 101st Airborne.  Or fun like 101 Dalmatians!  Or not.  I realize it’s half way through the year now and Clydesdales (or Bud) may not be your “thing” but hey, whatever.   I won’t be insulted in the least if you don’t want to enter!  No biggie.

Ok, so here’s how I’d like to do it.  To make it fair to family I’m gonna draw one family member name and one “friend” name so leave a comment here on this post and from those commented I will draw the names out of a hat and mail it to you.  Of course I will email you to get your mailing address if I don’t already have it.  Okay?

Oh!  When will the cut-off be?  Well, lets go with midnight Sunday night.  I’ll post up who won the 1/2 year old Bud calendar sometime Monday!


8 thoughts on “101st Post!

  1. Wow! I wanted to enter just so I could win! But I really don’t need any more calendars. It was fun the get these when Todd was on them… but not as much fun now. So don’t put my name in the hat, ok?
    I can’t believe you have blogged 101 times!! Congratulations! You should win a prize…
    By the way – we have a few Clydesdales for sale, know anyone who wants one? Shameless commercial!


  2. Congrats on 100 posts!! I always look forward to reading your entries, and appreciate your comments on my blog. And I’ve always loved Clydesdales (although we’re not beer drinkers), so I’d love to have a Clydesdale calendar!
    Neat idea for a give-away!


  3. Even tho the number one driver is no longer doing that, count us in. Lots of good memories of him on the hitch and we tried to make it happen when you came and then later Jake. That is really where we seen our grandson most of the time. Last year we got a calendar in June when we went to see someone that Gene had worked with part time over fourty years ago. He now owns and liquor store.


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