Hay Fever


Out this way, Hay Fever is definitely going around.

You want it.  I know you do.  I’ll give you my share.  How’s that?




I bet you want this 1978 GMC 6500 truck too, don’tcha?  I know!  Who wouldn’t?

I’ll ask you something else…

What does this truck and a Corvette have in common?

Give up?




The Engine!

It’s a 390 V8.

Yah, that’s right…I drive a ‘vette. 





The trailer it pulls is a 1957 Heavy-Duty-Do-Whatever-You-Want trailer.  

It’s a collectors item.  Maybe.




It even has a working wench (and I don’t mean me!). 

Yah, it’s an awesome handy thing when we need to load stuff that won’t start.




And if for some weird, crazy, nonsensical, ridiculous reason we needed to wench hay bales onto the trailer, we’d miss out on using the tractors with the grabbers.




And Jake would miss out on lending his professional guidance to the “grabber guys”. 

Grandma Alert:  This here was a special circumstance – Jake isn’t generally up there while they are loading.  The last back stack of ten (10) was being stubborn so two grabbers were needed in addition to a guy on top as a spotter.




Then he gets the honors of strapping it down.

And then I get this bit of “tude”…




Jake:  “See ya!”




Jake:  “I’m outta here!”

I’m not worried.  Ain’t no way he can get that thing (safely) down to the beach.




We interrupt this post for a corn check…

Our corn was exactly “knee high on the Fourth of July”.  But just barely!

Yahoo, right on schedule!




I have bad news and good news…

The bad news is:  I broke one of my very own rules. 

It’s the one that goes like this: 

Always and no matter what, as you are – and this part is important – running in the other direction, say these words to any new request, “Too Dumb, Can’t Learn” and sound like you mean it. 

The more bad news is:  I am no longer happily driving around just the hay field singing “You Are My Sunshine” because I’m now licensed to drive this hunkin’ thing out on the roads, highways and byways.  If you are even thinking of being remotely  impressed, don’t.  I can rarely get out of 4th gear without stopping and starting all over again from 1st. 

The good news is:  The farm manager has restricted me to the back roads only for now. 

Yah, ya think?!  Thank you Farm Manager.

(Oh I get it.  He just doesn’t want me running off to Starbucks in Saginaw with it.  That’s why.  He’d find out WE CAN get in and out with no problem-o!) 




Here they are loading up the semi while one of the dually pickup trucks hooked to a flat bed gooseneck heads out to unload.




Jake climbing up the side of the semi…




…to strap another load down.

He’s such a strapping lad!

(Nope, couldn’t help it – sorry.)




I have no idea what was going on here. 

As long as nothing comes apart or starts smoking while I’m driving it I try not to borrow trouble by asking questions.  I find the less I know, the better off I am the less I’m apt to stress.

(Can “nothing” come apart?  It’s late.  I’ve got to wrap this up.)




This is one of the rarely used flat bed hay wagons.  It attaches to the bumper of any number of pickup trucks or tractors if need be. 



Dover Haying by Chris Pietch

I grew up attaching flat bed hay wagons to teams of horses but again, like I promised before I will post about those days some other time– when I can find all my pictures that is and we get a rainy day around here!



This is a view from the woods looking out to the empty hayfields and corn beyond.  Yup, ‘from the woods’, I may or may not have been trying hide.


Hay Count 2011:

Approximately 10,000 square bales made.

Approximately 150+ acres left to go.


We’re half done with first cutting!

Have I mentioned lately I miss snow?


Wishing for Snow Fever in Michigan,



10 thoughts on “Hay Fever

  1. I am so impressed that you drive that thing! (I’ve driven some large farm trucks in my day, but nothing like that!)

    And I may be wrong about this, (don’t quote me), but I THINK our corn is tassling around the Fourth of July! It’s strange how the growing seasons are different in different parts of the country.

    I loved reading about the hay baling!


    1. OH my gosh! Tasseling!? It’s crazy how a few degrees in latitude can make such a difference!
      I’m pretty sure there aren’t enough hours in the year to fulfill my need for shifting practice. Seriously.


    1. I bet it is the hay fever.
      No! Not a Grandma and hope not to be for a real long time! I didn’t word that very well. I meant the alert to be for both of Jake’s grandmothers and great grandmother not to be worried bout him!
      Amen on the hiding out thing!


  2. It’s a good thing you told me what was going on with Jake, or I might have had to call Todd and have a talk with him. Glad to hear you are half done.


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