Horsepower Practice


A few days ago in between baling, raking, loading hay, unloading hay, sleep, laundry, mowing lawn, mowing hay, packing lunches, remembering the ice and forgetting the water we drove the six.  And by we of course I mean The Farm Manager did.




First they were harnessed, then the lines were run




while Ben practiced staying alert and




Extreme practiced standing still.




Then Todd climbed up and put his driving gloves on,




gathered the lines,




and proceeded to drive to the practice arena.




Like my view? 

I like the shadows they were casting.




I also like watching my husband handle all six at once.




Have I ever mentioned I have two horses of my own?

I haven’t ridden them in so long, I don’t remember what their names are.




A pause before going in the arena. 

We know they can go. 

The test is always will they stand well when asked to?  (I know some of you totally get this aspect!)




Nothing like a little practice in that department.

Nothing like filthy, dirty Clydesdale legs either.  Picture them pure white and fluffy cause they will be very soon.




Today they’re Interstate bound for a couple of shows; one in southern Michigan and one down in Indiana.




See ya! 

After the last field of First Cutting is baled we may or may not start Second Cutting because we may or may not all be hanging out at the beach while you’re out and about.

Seriously, have fun and good luck you guys.

I hope the judge will be more impressed than the dog let on.


9 thoughts on “Horsepower Practice

  1. I just love reading your comments and seeing your perspective on the photo story! You are probably bored with my praise – but I am impressed every time! AND you have a very impressive husband!


  2. Brings back lots of memories. It looks like Shelby is nice and relaxed because she knows what’s going to happen. Good luck keeping the horses still.


  3. Oh, I love the action in that last shot. (Well, the action of the horses. The dog’s not looking too active!) Thanks for sharing. I agree with Texwis: what a unique job and lifestyle!


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