Keeping It Cool

It’s hot and humid here.

Is it hot where you are?

I thought maybe these pictures would keep you and I a little cooler!


This was known as the Dover Ranch where I spent the last part of my teenage years.

We plowed snow with a horse-drawn road grader.  We had a tractor on the place for a while, used it when it would start, which most of the time it wouldn’t.  The horses always did though!


This was the house.  It’s no longer standing.  The land development company that bought the place left the barn but took the house down.  I think I heard they brought in the volunteer fire department and had a practice burn.


A lot of fantastic memories here!  This entrance opens into the mud-room and what was once my mom’s office.


Ahhh…can you feel it?


Nice crisp clean air.  And so quiet!

It looked like this just about every night in winter coming back from the barn and chores.


This is the way the cattle got fed.


And our horses got exercised.


I don’t ever remember it being a sucky job to do, even as a teenager.

I loved it.  Loved being outside in it.  Loved giving the horses a purpose.

Plus, heck, we needed them because the stupid tractor wouldn’t start!


I have no idea why we did this.  It wasn’t a normal activity for us to engage in.  We didn’t go round the hay-field with bells on, hooked to a sleigh that I’m pretty sure wasn’t ours just for the heck of it.

Maybe we borrowed it for a Christmas card photo shoot?  Mom, little help here.

rose-bud in tandem

This picture brings back very vivid memories.

It is of me, my best friend (she lived right down the road not more than a quarter-mile), her horse “Rose” in the lead and my horse “Bud” in the wheel – They were our riding horses and though we’d had them hooked as a team (side by side) many times before this was the first day they were hooked in tandem.  This was also my parents first moments back on the ranch as they’d been at a draft horse sale in Topeka, Indiana.  We surprised them out by the driveway as they came in.  My dad was real surprised we weren’t smart enough to use the tandem lines from the show-harness boxes.  We were smart enough to know if we broke them we’d be dead.

(If I remember right we “jerry-rigged” something up and made it work with some old team lines.)

scan0002 (2)

This is me and my Bud horse down at what was once called Dover Beach.  I think they now call it Sandy Beach.

We used to bring the draft horses down here after a hot day of haying and we’d all wash up!  Serious.  We’d take Ivory soap, swim the horses and get clean.  Yes, we had swim suits on!

This tract of land is now lake front homes.  Lucky ducks!

If you want to see what the ranch looks like now go here:  The New Dover Ranch and have a look around.


I’m gonna just sit and stare at all the fluffy white goodness!


13 thoughts on “Keeping It Cool

  1. I loved this post! Since there were never horses in my life, I just love seeing the photos! That last one is especially gorgeous.
    It must be sad that your childhood home is no longer there. (see my post today!).


    1. Thank you. That last one my best friend took from the back of her horse. That was a good day.
      Yes, it’s kind of sad that it’s gone but they’ve really done a beautiful job with the whole place so makes up for it in a way. :)


  2. It is nice looking at the old winter photos in the heat of summer. We have had temps in the 90’s the last few days. Today is cooler but still going to be in the 80’s. The sleigh was ours, we set up this shot for our Christmas Card that year. It may have been the only time we used it. The famous Bonnie Shields is sitting there with us!


  3. Ah, I love this post. Even though I was not there for the Dover Ranch days, I spent so many great days of my own right there in that little town. Such great memories. Such great summer vacations spent with GB and Walt. Ah, I had such a wonderful childhood. Makes me miss home and being a kid! Makes me all teary eyed.


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