Cell Phone Thursday


Maybe it’s just me but I take cell phone photo’s then never really do anything with them. Well, today I thought I would share a few that I’ve taken recently.  Warning:  No “Photoshopping” or editing of any kind was done (and some of them needed it!)  They’re just straight out of the cell phone.



Yah, I know.  I said “What?” too. 

And no, I couldn’t find the ‘Owner’s Manual for detailed instruction and explanation’.  It probably wouldn’t have helped this girl much anyway.



Fourth of July night.



A glorious rare moment on the deck for me!



Our very own, drug it up from Indiana with us, 1957 (I think) Allis-Chalmers CA.

A rare tractor on Glenview Farms as everything else here is green! 



Sundown ride round the farm a few nights ago.

*I left Indy’s halter on and slipped his bridle on over the top.  That’s what the fuzzy green “crown piece” is about.



Smoke was like, “I never had to do this in Idaho but if you want me to Jake I will”.



Taking down the last field of first cutting hay!



On going issues with the hay cutter.



Bummer.  But I think “we” have it figured out now and this won’t happen anymore this year.



To date, we’ve have had the most incredible haying weather in the five years we’ve been here.  And if Second Cutting is as good, another hay barn is gonna need to be erected!


12 thoughts on “Cell Phone Thursday

  1. I must have misunderstood but I thought you had to dump most of your first cutting,. I knew that they had been haying but thought it had gotten to wet. Hopefully it was good as for all the work you guys put in. How this city mom got a son and grandson that is so knowledgeable about farming is amazing.


    1. Thank you! So sorry to hear about yours! Hope you do second cutting down there, guess you’d have to irrigate if that were so.
      Yah, that fireside shot turned out better than I thought it would!


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