Golden Hour

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They call it the “Golden Hour” of photography – You’ve probably heard of it.  It’s the time right before/during sunset and sunrise.  I’ve taken some examples of that over the years, oftentimes on accident and sometimes with the sole purpose of trying to capture that incredible light.

Good, bad or ugly all these pictures remind me, as I live out my days here on Earth, just how gorgeous this place we all call “home” really is.


Cold fog sunrise – February 2011.


Back pasture sunset – July 21, 2011.


Paddock Seven – July 21, 2011.


Elsie – The best stock dog ever – Front deck, late afternoon – Moyie Springs, Idaho 1997.


Sunset – West 80 Property – June 2011.


An April sunrise – 2011.


July Sunrise – 2011.


Sunset on the back Northwest hay field February– 2011.

DSC_7801 copy

A March morning – 2011.


The same March morning – 2011.


Late afternoon walk with the dogs in Deer Lodge, Montana – June 2011.

winterwoodsIMG_2431 (2)

Sunrise through the aspens on the farm – 2010.

Winter on Lake Huron

January 2010 – Sunset on Lake Ocean a.k.a. Lake Huron.


Sunrise on Lake Huron.

monday sunset pinks IMG_9676

Sherbet sunset last year here on the farm.


A winter morning – December 2009.

sunriseside6816blogheader2 copy

Sunrise on Lake Ocean.


The bearded wheat at the West 80 Property – July 26th, 2011.


Scott and Bud (a.k.a., Lug) – Somewhere in Arizona – 1989.


The view from Paddock Seven, looking west – July 21, 2011.


The view at Seal Beach, Oregon.  Calendar shoot/movie shoot – 1991.


The view from the top of the hired photographers ladder in Sedona, Arizona.


Looking out from the Dover Ranch yard at my saddle horse Bud and his friend having breakfast.

Probably early October by the looks of the colors – 1987 or 1988.  Idaho.


The view from our deck in Moyie Springs, Idaho looking west towards my favorite mountain range in the world – the Selkirk Mountain range.


Couldn’t resist two more from Oregon…


The Seal Beach gig still stands out as one the the most gorgeous sunsets I ever saw.  Feeling pretty blessed here to have seen so many Golden Hours.

Here’s hoping you’ve not yet seen your share.


17 thoughts on “Golden Hour

  1. At first we thought we could tell you our favorite but then that ended up being impossible because there were so many breath-taking photos.
    Grandma says: ” At 73 I have seen my share of sunrises and sunsets but I’ve never seen them like that. The back northwest hay field sunset was the most unusual one.”
    Josie and Grandma


  2. Oh, girl! Those are absolutely breathtaking photos! As I came to each one, I thought: “ooh, that’s my favorite”. Then: “no, wait, this one is!”. There’s no way I could pick just one.
    I’m calling hubby over to the computer right now to have a look.
    And I love the last sentence of your post!


  3. You are blessed. Not only to have experience such wonderful and beautiful sights but more importantly – to have appreciated each and every one of them. Lovely!


  4. Well, girl, you have given us quite a gift here. These are pictures that warm fuzzies are made from whether they just happened or happened for a reason. I love the ocean pictures. The strength of the horses paralleled with the strength of the water. Amazing.


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