Wheat Harvest & Hockey Camp


What do these two things have in common?



Not much.

Jake is all really.



The wheat…



It was deemed ready to harvest the week before and…



Jake was involved in both that and a hockey camp this past week.  



I guess in some ways I was too, kinda. 



Not really.  Being transportation for both functions is where the similarities started and ended.



Dirty Homeboy here, was showing his displeasure at not getting to drive the combine –yet. 



However, he did shuttle the grain wagon to the next field twenty minutes up the road…with Ma bringing up the rear.  A good spot to be with the sun setting here in Northern Michigan.



Speaking of a good spot to be in and on to the topic of Hockey Camp, a good sport to be in is this hockey thing. 

I love hockey.  I know, it’s crazy, but I do. 

You wanna know the main reason?   I love that I can be inside, when it’s 91 degrees with 102 % humidity outside, watching my kid practice.  Yes, I wore flip-flops at the ice arena…because I could…and I liked it!



Yes, hockey is kinda spendy but I tell you what…it’s worth every stinkin penny to not have to sit out on a bleacher in some hot, sweaty, heat stroke inducing soccer, baseball or football field. 



You all know this North Idaho girl is a wimp with a capital “W” when it comes to humidity. 



Thank you Jake for not liking a normal outdoor Spring/Summer/Fall sport.  You rock boy!



The hockey camp was put on by a nationwide company based out of Colorado called Planet Hockey.  They help develop skills for kids of all levels and ages.



They worked on all aspects of the game.



Even for the goalies.



They also did a lot of strength training, on and off the ice.



This bungee cord drill was a big favorite…especially the return trip!



On the last day in addition to the skills testing they also played a game, complete with rock music and the infamous train horn when one side or the other would score.



Along with honing his skills for five days straight and getting to play a real game on the last day, I believe farm boy here made some new pals.

*Sorry, I was so enamored with the mock goalie fight at the very end of the game that I didn’t get pictures.  Ya, it was Jake’s idea – and the crowd went wild!  I know, I know…I’m a rookie!


10 thoughts on “Wheat Harvest & Hockey Camp

  1. This NW gal has never been in a hockey rink or GAME!!!!!!!

    100 miles North of me however in Cranbrook, BC CANADA!!!!!!!

    90 miles South in Spokane, Washington USA!!!!!!!!

    Just a few facts from me here in Sandpoint, Idaho

    Thanks for sharing Jake’s big day.


  2. Love seeing the pictures. You know Dee I never thought I would hear you say how much you loved hockey. So glad that Jake found a sport that you really enjoy watching. You know how much hockey as been part of our family 7 out of the 9 grandkids. We know why Todd wasn’t in any of the pictures as we were lucky enough to spend some time with him in Milwaukee along with Mitch.

    P.S. loved the sunset picture of you guys coming back.


    1. Glad you three got a chance to visit with him over there.
      Oh and not that it matters one way or the other, but the sunset picture is of Jake taking the grain trailer to a field up north, not back here to the home-place.


  3. Since I know ABSOLUTLY nothing about hockey, I can’t leave an intelligent comment! But I’m glad that Jake is involved in something that YOU love – and the a/c on a summer’s day is just icing on the cake.

    And I love that sunset picture. But then, you probably knew that I would, didn’t you?!


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