Jumping Ship


My dad called me the other day and the conversation went like this:

Dad: “You need to get back here and help me.  I just sold the wheel team (Legend and Image) from the four and I need help getting more horses going to replace them.

Me:  “Okay”.

He might have been half joking but there was no asking me twice.



You see with hockey camp over and school not starting for another 3 weeks it was perfect timing.  I tried to get Jake to come with me.  I mean, after all, I was driving out, not flying this time and my passenger seat would be empty, but I couldn’t talk him into it.  The silly boy wanted to stay and help with the last of the haying and do the Indiana State Fair this week with his dad and the show horses from the farm. 

I’ll forgive him for picking haying and Clydesdales over his mama, someday.  Maybe in about four years.



So while I kinda felt I was jumping ship – albeit a “farm ship”, I got over it before I crossed the Mackinaw Bridge and had a wonderfully uneventful drive west.



I blazed through Wisconsin,



and Minnesota, (Lake Superior, somewhere around Duluth)



and North Dakota.

Oh my, North Dakota…Just wow!  The lack of brown in the landscape sure is proof they got way too much water this year. 



I have never seen North Dakota so lush and green…in August no less! 



You know what?  Personally, I love driving way more than flying.  Takes longer but to me it’s worth every mile. 



How about you?  Given the choice would you rather fly or drive to get to your destination?



Pictured:  “Benson and Navigator”

Speaking of driving, we’ve been driving horses like crazy since I arrived three short days ago and already it seems like time is going by too fast.



Pictured:  “Braxton and Baker”

It’s a fortunate thing I didn’t have to drive horses to get back out here – Can you wrap your brain around that?  I never would’ve considered leaving Michigan – Not this late in the year anyway!


22 thoughts on “Jumping Ship

  1. I’m seriously thinking about using some of my air miles to travel out to visit you and those beautiful horses!! (Only halfway kidding)
    Those pictures are beautiful – especially the one of Minnesota!


    1. Yes they were but not right there. Todd just called me this morning to say they weren’t involved. I had no idea as we’ve not had time to watch TV at all. Sounded horrific. The fair is closed today and resuming tomorrow.


  2. When your dad calls saying he needs you to come help him – he is NEVER kidding! :-) Just thrilled you were able to come~ he and me too!


  3. I’d rather drive (or ride shotgun) than fly. I just completed a very long trip through Pennsylvania and the Appalachian Mountains myself, although my camera is not as nearly as good as yours to capture the beauty of the land. I’ve never been on a plane, but I don’t think it would be worth missing all of the landscape in this country.


  4. Dee,
    Where you the hair stylist for Braxton and Baker? I love their manes–so pretty. I do not enjoy long road trips in the car, I get too stiff sitting. ( I guess that is because I’m old).

    Once again your pictures are great. Dave said you must really have a good camera. I would have love to see the wedding pictures that you would have taken. We would have loved to see you guys also!


    1. No, I wasn’t the stylist…my dad did that. That “banding” technique is quick way to keep the mane over on one side and away from their ears…kinda bugs the heck out of some horses having it tickle their ears.
      You are not that *old*, some people just get muscle stiff, even in their twenties.


  5. How fun!!! I think it depends on where I’m going and how excited I am to get there. But driving cross country is one thing I really want to do someday. So much land to see!


  6. Totally jealous you had another road trip out west this year! Photos look amazing as always. Next time stop in Minneapolis for the night to see me. I’ll buy you all the Caribou Coffee you can drink. :)

    Oh, and I’m like you, I’d rather drive.


  7. I would rather drive myself as long as it is not more than 20 hours straight. Picture look amazing. I am confused at your route. Duluth to North Dakota? I need a map.


    1. Yes, I went up over the top from the farm (stayed on US 2 for the most part) and angled down to I94 then picked up I90 West.
      I really miss being out on the road like I was in the 80’s and 90’s and no, 20 hour days are not fun after a while, especially if you are the only driver!


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