See You Halfway


I texted this picture from my cell phone to my men Tuesday morning while we were out driving a pair around a hay-field .  No words.  Just this picture.

I wasn’t exactly sure what they were doing clear out there in Indianapolis at the State Fair.  I figured they could be eating corn dogs and sucking down that awesome state fair lemon-aide or woofing down elephant ears.  Or it was possible they were cleaning stalls or maybe washing horses.  Could have been anything really, because I didn’t know what their schedule was.



This picture, of them preparing to go in the arena for their “hitch team” class, is what Jake texted back to me (with his dad’s cell phone) seconds later.  He typed the words:  “See you halfway”.

I’m pretty sure the halfway point from here to Indianapolis would be the middle of South Dakota.

Clearly, the boy has been too busy to read my last blog post where I had already established I wasn’t going to drive horses cross country this late in the year.  Winking smile

p.s.  Congratulations Miss Mikena for sweeping all the Jr. Classes at the show!


12 thoughts on “See You Halfway

  1. What a cute post! I know there are folks who don’t believe in texting, but my son & I communicate that way all the time. That’s neat that you were both involved with horses at the same time. Guess that’s the norm in your life though, huh?
    Congrats to Miss Mikena!


  2. It is way cool you were both working with horses at the same time so many states (and time zones) apart – but even cooler that you were HERE driving horses with your dad!!! :-)


  3. Wish I was there with YOU and your Dad…….I love it there in
    Deer Lodge……I am entering our fair HERE in Sandpoint Sunday
    and must hang around for the fun fair week…..I always enter
    the photography section. Our exhibit is getting better and better
    and I must work harder and harder to EARN a blue ribbon.

    Thanks for your news and great photo as always…..keep them
    coming. Love ya, Dot


  4. Well, Jim and I were lucky enough to have dinner with them Thursday night.
    We split a gut laughing at stories being told. So good to see them.
    How was Jake on Friday?


  5. I’m so jealous!! That looks like so much fun. My dream or wish on my bucket list is to ride through the snow in a sled pulled by Clydesdales… well, doesn’t have to be clydesdales… I found this website awhile back and would LOVE to go there…
    I keep dropping hints to my husband but he just shakes his head and walks away. Says its too cold. Not one romantic gene in his body… *sigh*


  6. Love the back and forth. I can’t imagine life with my kids without this connection ~ I’m so grateful! Just today my daughter’s wedding ring arrived by UPS….tied with a beautiful ribbon…of course I texted her a picture right away!!


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