Horse Vacation–Yahoo!

*All horse pictures taken by my Mom – Hover over pictures for my descriptions.


These last couple of weeks during my time in Montana we’ve been blissfully busy holding “try-outs” for the new four horse driving team. 



It’s been going well and soon I’ll get the pictures sorted and share them all at once.  

*That haze is not smog or fog it’s smoke from a nearby forest fire or two – nothing crazy and quite normal for the month of August in the West. 



For now though, all those athletes have been turned out to pasture to be “horses” for the next week.



Why the horse vacation? 



  1. They deserve it, we’ve been working their butts off.



2.    They haven’t played the game of “Tag” in a real long time.







3.     My dad loaded up and ran off to Lodi, California. He needed to give a driving clinic plus deliver the wheel team, Legend & Image, and a driving pony named Max, to their new owners.









Enjoy some R&R boys, we’ll be having the “Four Horse Finals” and making selections when Dad gets back!


9 thoughts on “Horse Vacation–Yahoo!

  1. Ahhh…wide open spaces and horses…the perfect combination. “The boys” look like they’re enjoying tag and dirt baths! They deserve the down time it sounds like…….we’re enjoying some down time ourselves after the hurricane moved out of the area and on to NYC. What a year so far.

    Pam and Sam


  2. I showed Bugaboo your post this morning before heading out of the house.
    He started screaming “horsey!” and making neigh and other horse noises. He then proceeded to try and poke his finger through the computer screen to touch them while saying “be nice horsey. be nice. pretty horsey” By the time we scrolled down to the photos where horses are rolling around he became excited again and said “so funny horsey. look mommy! horsey funny.”
    It was too cute. One of those things you have to be there to really see and hear his expressions… priceless. I think I will be showing him your blog more often. I can’t wait till the weather cools off and I can take him out to ride. He loves my sisters horse.


  3. There you go again: when I got to Nikko and Maverick playing tag, I thought: this is my very favorite picture in this post.
    And then, came the dirt bath pictures (as Theresa described), and THEN, the last one with the mountains in the background.

    Okay – that’s it: I’m calling to cash in my air miles! I’ve gotta come for a visit!


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