Are you kicking back and taking it easy for this Labor Day weekend?



Or are you in the camp of those who are working on completing outdoor projects before the cold Fall rains descend and winter comes knocking?



What are we doing here in Montana for the rest of the weekend?



In addition to hopefully getting the four-horse team drove, we’re gonna be working on saying our “good-bye’s” because I’m headed out on Tuesday.

Originally, I had planned to leave Sunday morning but I was met with some resistance to being out on the roads with all the Monday traffic.   So it’s two extra days for me (darn it) and if I labor hard enough I ought to beat the bus home on Jake’s first day of school come Wednesday!

Don’t work too hard everyone!


14 thoughts on “Laboring

  1. Once again, gorgeous photos! Isn’t it amazing that you & I both photograph the sunrises/sunsets, and they’re so very different!
    I know it’s bittersweet for you to leave your parents, but wanting to be home to hear about Jake’s first day of school.
    Safe travels!


  2. The photos have that golden quality that’s so perfect for the kind of photos you do so very well. You can see “forever” and it’s all just beautiful. Have a safe trip – no doubt you will miss the wide open spaces but they aren’t going anywhere and will await you and your camera next time………..

    Pam (and Sam)


  3. I’m late to the party but great job on the sunsets. It was nice to see your Dad, he worked hard and put on a great clinic. Have pleasant drive home.


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