In A Fog


I arrived home last Thursday and have been in a bit of a fog ever since. 



“Re-entry”, as a friend of mine calls it, is tough work!



I have managed to bring myself to get kinda caught up on mowing around the farm here – the various lawns and mow strips were about tall enough to bale. With Jake’s help on day one and two of Mow-A-Rama we mowed with decks up and got it down to a manageable height then a day later I lowered the deck down and hit ‘er again.  Today it rained but hopefully tomorrow I can finish up (so I can start over) at a more seasonal grass height!



These last two shots were taken by my mom the night before I left Montana.



Through the week I’ll be uploading pictures from my trip home to visit family and friends…I’ve got so many awesome sights to show you!


4 thoughts on “In A Fog

  1. I’ve missed you! Sounds as though you’ve really been busy. Love all your photos today – the ones your Mom took of you are particularly interesting! Can’t wait to see more photos and hear about your trip back home.


  2. Funny play on words. Fog…. I get it and love the photos. At least you are getting rain for the grass to stay green – it is dry and crunchy here.


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