The Road Home

Though the words don’t exactly match, I can totally relate to the feeling Mr. Denver is expressing in this old 70’s song; a song that was running through my mind as I drove north west from Deer Lodge, Montana into Idaho about four weeks ago…




*Those in the “know” will notice that some of these shots were taken when I was going in the opposite direction…that’s cause I took more pictures on my way out of Idaho than I did going inSmile  I was kinda draggin’ my feet as I left.












This one taken for my boy Jake.

He wants one of these “cattle pushers” also known as grill guard, cow catcher, cattle guard, roo bar, moose bumper, bullbar.  Whatever, he wants one on both Glenview semi’s here.

Dream on boy.







A “log boom” in Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced Ponderay) at Hope, Idaho.  Logs are still floated down various rivers and get sorted and stocked piled all over this lake till the mills pull them out and do their thing with them.  That’s the really short , I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-talking-about version…better “Google” that info if you’re interested!



My home town mountains coming into full view!





Ugh! How I love this stinkin’ place!







“Seven Sisters” peaks in the Selkirk mountain range…A place where my family knows I want my ashes scattered when I kick the bucket!  I’ve flown over this range and I tell you what…if you can and have the means, DO IT!



Schweitzer Mountain.  It’s the back drop for my home town of Sandpoint.

It’s where I learned to downhill ski.

It’s where I spent many a spring day skiing with friends because we skipped school.  Hey, how could we not?  It was only like 10 miles from the high school.

It’s where we ran into our Government teacher, Mr. Lassen at the chair lift.  It was one of his classes we skipped….Yah, he wasn’t in school either.  Typical of most folks in town.  Priorities baby.

Stay tuned…This is only the beginning…I got a bunch more to share!


9 thoughts on “The Road Home

  1. Love the wide open spaces……when traveling there’s always something way cool about those bends in the road which reveal familiar territory like mountain ranges in the distance. I like the “Seven Sisters” range – interesting. Great photos…..again/of course.

    Pam :)


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