Home Is Where Your Heart Is


My heart is always half here and half there.

It’s a bit like being in two places at once…

After thirteen years, I’ve given up trying to feel any differently. 

It.  Just.  Is.



This is Try # 53,584 of me using my big girl camera as a Point and Shoot.  I found later that I got this one shot I could actually use and even then the focus was on the truck not on the layers of mountains. 


1DSC_8435 (2)w

I won’t elaborate on how much I miss this place and its people with all my heart. There are no words – so I won’t even try.



Life in the summer revolves around these mountains and this lake.



Mountains – for hiking, mountain biking, huckleberry picking and horse-back riding.

Lake – for boating, swimming, fishing, water skiing, relaxing…You know, all that normal lake stuff.



The mile long, “Long Bridge” as seen from the lake.





I know, it’s an ugly…



…hell hole of a place.



Lake Pend Oreille and Schweitzer Mountain.  Photo Credit:  Joanne Heaviland

Life in winter revolves around these mountains and this ski hill.



Lake Pend Oreille and the town of Sandpoint pictured below.  Photo credit: Sandpoint Realty

The mountains for hunting and snowmobiling.

The ski hill…well, for skiing!

(There are those that do ice fish the lake – though it’s not nearly as popular of a sport as it is out here in the Mid-West…Having a ski hill might have something to do with it.)



Sandpoint High School’s football field, a.k.a. Memorial Field to the lower left.



Ok, enough!

Love ya more than smoky August skies…and mountains!


9 thoughts on “Home Is Where Your Heart Is

  1. Looks like a mighty pretty part of the world to me…..I’ve always been drawn to the mountains- or even just hills (!) I left Virginia to live in Florida many years ago and could hardly WAIT to come back…..the mountains, “real” trees, etc. called to me and I paid attention.



  2. Yes, it is a great place to live…….however I too have the

    same affliction you have as I toooooo have another town

    and lake I call home……I have not shared this information

    with YOU! Lake Oswego, Oregon is my home town and

    I winter there……I am traveling to it this week. My brother

    has a lovely horse farm with 1000 feet of waterfront property

    where I stay…..I actually have a bed and bath there. Lucky me!

    It is a great place to be from……including a historic

    “Hunt Club”.

    I visit it each time I go “HOME”.

    However, each time I return to SANDPOINT and approach the

    beautiful LONG BRIDGE and lovely Lake Pend Oreille


  3. to continue……I am “HOME”!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, when people ask me where I am from

    I say Oregon and Idaho……I have been

    here for 21 years and have been making

    “THE DRIVE” for 31 years!!!!!!!!!

    It’s only 500 miles one way…..not like your

    drive!!!!!!!! Love ya, Dot


    1. That sounds like a lovely place…I hope you have an excellent winter and good time with your brother.
      Historic Hunt Club?! You must elaborate one of these days on that!
      Have a fantastic drive over and back…Think of me when you cross the Long Bridge!
      Love ya back,


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