An Idaho Wedding

Hey, if you were wondering why, if I needed to go back out to Montana to help my dad with his horses, I ran off, five hours northwest to my hometown in Idaho, it’s because my dad ran off to California to do a driving clinic and he couldn’t convince me to go with him. 

(I know, that’s a lot of commas and sure as heck they are not properly placed!)

Mmmm…Take a 1000 mile road trip to the Sacramento area and play horse for a few days or drive over to North Idaho? 

Sac or Sandpoint? 

Uh…yah.  Sorry about that Dad.



This was my “Welcome Sign” while I stayed at Stillwater Ranch. 

They flew the Michigan flag for me!

*Last year I did a post on this wonderfully gorgeous ranch and its home.  To tour it better click here.

I look forward to the day when we have a flag pole here at the farm because my state flags are getting dusty!  We had a flag pole when we lived down in Indiana and I really miss doing this for our out of state guests.  Someday soon.



Anyway…I didn’t miss out on too much horseplay because the folks I stayed with have Shire draft horses and they do some pretty neat stuff with them throughout the year.  Like sleigh rides in winter and various parties throughout the year including weddings, which I was just in time to help prep for and take part in.



Friday:  So here’s part of the prep work “we” did the day before the wedding…Washing down the patio area.  I ended up taking over this job for Bryan.  Clearly, he wasn’t doing it right.  I sent him off to help mow with Kaye.

What really happened:  Bryan suggested I put my camera somewhere safe and run the hose.



This is them “team mowing” where the outdoor wedding took place.



As of late, they have a young man named Ben who helps them with everything from haying to yard work and he’s shown here running the weed-whacker.  Crazy thing is, I found out I am related (by marriage) to Ben.  He’d be a nephew-in-law to me. 

Hi Ben!  You do good work!  And thanks for enlisting in the Service!  Love ya. 



After the mowing was done the tent, chair and table people showed up and did their thing.



Well, they tried.  “Gus” kept interrupting the procedure to teach them a thing or two on how to properly throw a stick for a Border Collie.



This is the gorgeous “Gus”, a.k.a. Stick/Ball/Frisbee Master.  Well, aren’t all Border Collies?



The tent was all set up and thanks to Gus it was done in better than average good spirits!



Saturday:  It was a pretty sunrise the morning of the wedding…



and promised to be a gorgeous day.



We heard on the news it was gonna be good and hot too. 

It ended up being like ninety degrees and then some.   Hot for Idaho but it was August and the lack of humidity had me not complaining like I would’ve been otherwise!





The bridal party arrived early and did their pictures.



And then the ceremony began with the horse drawn carriage delivery of the bride-to-be by Shire’s, “Palmer and Emerson” to the appointed spot. 



She alighted and was then escorted down the aisle by her dad, her friends and family looking on.

I wondered to myself if they were blinded by her beauty or the western setting sun?!



After they said their “I Do’s” we took them on a private carriage ride through the woods then…



we unhooked “Palmer and Emerson” from the Vis-à-Vis and hitched up to one of the wagons and gave rides to all their guests.

Hi Nettie!  Hi Jennifer!

Nettie and Jennifer are Stillwater’s most excellent horse gals.  They so rock.



Me and Cupcake (Bryan).



Bryan stealin’ a kiss from Kaye, his wife, before they head out with the last of the wagon riders.

I think Palmer there was hoping for a smooch from Nettie!



After our jobs were all done and the horses put to bed for the night, we retired to the deck to watch the fun.  This is the bride and groom having their first dance.



I can’t help but notice now that the lack of people in this shot tells me they were inside the party room cutting the cake.  

If we had been paying better attention we would have put our beverages (and cigars) down long enough to go and get some…but we were pre-occupied with that and visiting with one another.

Miss you guys a bunch!




12 thoughts on “An Idaho Wedding

  1. What an incredibly BEAUTIFUL spot for a wedding complete with a perfect day weather-wise…..I love the photos D – they capture a magical moment in a decidedly magical place on the happy couple’s most magical day. Nice memories for EVERYONE…..



  2. Boy does remind me of the wedding our family had this July with Tanya and Demian, right down to the carriage. We all wanted it to be done over as it went by way too fast and we felt like we missed it. Hopefully all their guest stayed until the last dance also.


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