Hey…I’ve So Been There!


I started a newly released book last night called “The Manse”.  Manse, short for mansion of course.  It’s written by a new friend of mine that I met through my parents, Warner B. Bair II.  I did a picture-post on the restored interior of their amazing house this past spring and it can be found by clicking:  here.





0444 mansionw

and this, was taken in February 2007 before I met the owners, The Bair’s, when the house was still up for sale.

Anyway, I seriously cannot put this book down. It’s a good read, most definitely but what makes it extra special for me is I can see, like really see everything the main characters are seeing and it’s just a crazy experience. What’s even crazier is I have pictures, real pictures to go with most all the things that are, so far, being described in the book!  Talk about just too fun.

You were right Warner, I love it!



In addition to the pictures that I’ve already taken of the interior of the mansion, these below are some the images coming to mind as I read the book.  All are taken in the Deer Lodge area of Montana where the story takes place.




The afternoon before I drove back to Michigan,Warner took my mom and I up to a piece of property that’s been in his family forever.  It’s east, up in the mountains above the town of Deer Lodge.



It was incredible; smoke covered from forest fires burning to the west in Idaho, yes, but still just awesome.



I didn’t realize it at the time cause I hadn’t started the book yet but this is the smoky view from “Anon and Charlie’s” property.  They’re the two main characters in the book.



I’m gonna hold Mr. Bair to his promise that we’ll take this excursion again the next time I come out…maybe like early June or something when fire season isn’t in full force and we can actually see the view of mountain range to the west.



“No Shooting”.  Uh, yah.

I took this picture over at the Nature Preserve just south of town a few miles. This isn’t in the book.  Well, so far as I’ve read anyway.

However, with the way the story is going now, it is fitting!



You gotta get the book.  Buy it (check Amazon.com or Wild Horse Books) or request it from your local library.

Thanks Warner, I can’t wait to see how it ends!


8 thoughts on “Hey…I’ve So Been There!

  1. Way cool! I’ll let Warner know about this post. BTW, I also sell his books. But linking to amazon is the best way to do it. You are so resourceful!


  2. You always have fun things to share with your loyal fans!!!!!!!!

    Love ya, dot

    Keep it coming…….neeeeeed more fun stuff always!!!!!!!!


  3. I just completed three weeks of promoting The Manse, including stops in Denver, Missoula and Portland, so I’m just getting back to my office. I want to thank Dee for her wonderful comments and pictures. Authors of fiction acknowledge that all fiction is to some extent autobiographical and that was especially true of The Manse. Anon and Charlie found a wonderful old Victorian to renovate just as Kathy and I did in real life. Fortunately, Kathy and I didn’t have to take on a killer in order to enjoy the experience! Warner B. Bair, II


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