A Narcissistic Post

I got two more Blog Awards!  This happened  a while ago, I think it was the last week of September and I’m embarrassed to say I’m just now getting around to accepting them.

They both came from a neat lady named Pam and her cute blog called: 

One Spoiled Cat – “Living Life with Cattitude”

Click over there and see what a crazy, fun cat she has.  The little polydactyl (six front claws instead of five) cutie likes blueberry yogurt and watching football amongst other things.  It’s very clear this pet is well loved by his people.

The first award is called:


and the other one is:



The requirements for both awards are identical and they are…

1.  Thank the person who sent the award with a link back to them.

2.  Pass the award on to 15 bloggers you’ve discovered and let them know they have been included in a blog post.

3.  List seven things about yourself.

So thank you very, very much “One Spoiled Cat”! 

When Pam said on her post that she didn’t have fifteen blogs that she read that she could pass these awards on to (that didn’t have them already),  I could totally identify with this statement – Neither do I!  Since I’m pretty selective as to who I want to spend my time on every day I only can come up with two. 

Hey, “I’m not picky I just know what I like”… Name that redneck.

To:  “Emjayandthem” I award the  “One Lovely Blog Award” because her blog is always, always full of lovely sentiment and thought provoking topics.


To:   “The Game of Life” I award “The Versatile Blogger” award because this girl is truly versatile in the content she posts!

Now those “seven things”…

I decided since my blog here has never been about my writing but is mainly about showing you stuff, and at the risk of appearing super narcissistic, I thought I’d show you rather than just list the seven things about me.




I’d much rather mow hay with horses than a fancy tractor.



I can drive four horses at once…but not very well.



I learned to ride bareback first and I still do more often than not, cause I’m too much of a lazy girl to saddle up.



I love to go camping and haven’t done near enough of it.



For all the years I’ve driven Ladies Cart Class at the Draft Horse shows I’ve only won it once and this, pictured, was the day.

Sandpoint, Idaho 10/07/1990 – “Ben” in the shafts.



Idaho State Draft Horse Queen 1985-1986…Though it doesn’t look like it, I really was happy about it.  (Isn’t my dad handsome?!)



Having a thing for horsepower I’ve been in love with muscle cars for a real long time.  For those of you who don’t know, but do care to know, this is a 1967 RS/SS Camaro (w/what might have been a 302 motor – maybe, can’t remember).  Gorgeous.

Thanks Pam & Sam for giving me an excuse to keep it “all about me”!


10 thoughts on “A Narcissistic Post

  1. Oh, Wow. Your photos never cease to amaze me. Love the one of you mowing hay….and that one where you won the Ladies Cart Class: that is a breathtaking photo! Yes, your dad is SO handsome. And being married to Motor Man, you know I love the Camaro! Was that your first car? Mine was a 64 Mustang; sporty, but not as powerful as your Camaro. However, my 2nd car was a ’69 Chevelle SS396. :)
    Congrats on your awards. You’re so deserving!


    1. Thank you Dianna.
      I wish that had been my first car, I’d like to think I’d still have it today! It was a boyfriends in high school – great memories and such a blast that was, I can still remember the sound and power of it.
      A ’69 Chevelle SS 396 – Wow, I bet that was a beasty sounding car!


  2. Sam: “Hi Miss D! Mom and I are so excited that you shared my blog link in your blog today…..how cool of you! We love your pictures as always but these are special because they’re all about YOU.”
    Pam: Good morning and thanks for the mention in your blog. I think you totally deserve both awards – your blog is very special. Your photos are always beautiful and this batch is especially so. The one of you when you won Ladies Cart Class is nothing short of elegant. Your Dad is totally handsome in the other photo I agree! Anyway, loved today’s blog and thanks again………Sam and I adore your postings!


  3. Four gold stars! I agree with the bloggers above – you have such a special way of expressing yourself with words and photos!!! I think your dad is handsome too. :-)


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