Apple Jack


Jake and I went riding Sunday afternoon after his two hockey games.



Around 3pm we loaded our two horses and ran over to what we call “Helen’s Fields”, so called because this farm purchased that property from … well, Helen.  It’s only about four or five miles from here but our horses, not being shod and us wanting to save time, opted for the speed method of trailering over.



We rode the perimeter… “checking fence” ya know?  Why, since we have no steers/cattle?  Just because it made us feel cool and like we were doing something useful.

And yah, I know it…It’s not exactly reality but it’s our reality.

Okay, yah, it’s not the day in day out life on a ranch in the West but we make the best of what we’ve got (real or imagined!) and truth be told, we are way beyond spoiled.



Speaking of spoiled…

There are at least three wild apple trees on that property and it was Jake’s request that we find a tree and pick some apples for the horses and for us.



Since his horse, “Jack’s Smoky Charger”, a.k.a. Smoke is a pretty new addition to our family we’ve never had him over to this location and in doing so we found out this horse is an apple freak.  My horse, Indy, a.k.a. “Indiana CB Charger” – not so much.  He was too interested in swallowing some of the alfalfa in those fields.

Didn’t happen for the poor guy.

Jake and I were laughing so hard at Smoke trying to score apples off the branches…it was kinda like he was bobbing for apples, sans the water.  He really did have to work for it and got the hang of it after a while.

For those of you not familiar with horse tack I’ll set something straight…

As you can see Smoke is wearing a “hackamore” bridle.  It doesn’t have a mouth piece (a bit) and he can eat to his hearts content without the fear of choking on improperly chewed pieces or grass for that matter.   Indy had on a bridle with a bit.  It was just as well he didn’t want any because even though most horses do like/love apples he wasn’t nearly as impressed.



Smoke on the other hand was overly impressed.



Maybe a tad obsessed.



Jake was able to drag the old man away from his new-found love…The Apple Tree…



and we proceeded on.



We ducked into the woods hoping to find the snowmobile path and found the forest floor was…



so littered with leaves that we couldn’t even find the deer trails!



We came upon a downed tree.  It was so inviting there with the leaves falling around us that we thought we should dismount, sit a spell and chew on some apples of our own.



Old Jacks Smokey Charger was a little put out that Jake wasn’t sharing and proceeded to give his best “poor me I’m starving” act.

“Jake, you’re my faaaavorite boy, can’t you spare one more?”.

Didn’t work.  The horse had eaten enough apples for one day.



Indy was still thinking this whole thing was a total waste of time and there was a lot more fence that needed looking at.  Two totally different personalities those two horses.



We didn’t cover near the acreage we had planned on but decided we better head back cause it was way past feeding time for equine’s and humans alike.



The thought of getting straight home ASAP to a manger full of food and consuming said food without the encumbrance of a bothersome bit, sounded pretty good to a certain bay horse.

The black horse?  He was thinking one last stop at the apple tree on the way out was a much, much better plan.


14 thoughts on “Apple Jack

  1. Oh, goodness, glad I don’t have to pick my favorite photo out of these! Maybe the one of Smoke with the apple ALMOST in his mouth. But I also like the one of your shadows.
    My son, Marshall, and I have such a close relationship, I love the idea of you & your son spending an afternoon riding together. Those mother and son moments are so special.
    Jake is a cutie; I bet the two of you have lots of fun together!


    1. My favorite is Jake laughing and about to get raked off the back of his horse cause he’s letting Smoke get too far into the apple tree! I could barely take pictures for laughing so hard, it’s a wonder any of that series turned out.
      It was one of my hopes when I was carrying that child that he/she would want to ride.
      We do have a blast and lately, with him creeping up on sixteen years old, I feel like time is being accelerated – really savoring and appreciating every moment we’ve got.
      I think he’s kind of a cutie to;)


  2. I don’t know who is luckier – you for having Jake ride with you, or Jake for having you ride with him. Love the apple story and love the leaves and the apples and the horses and – and – love you.


  3. The day you went riding I know was just perfect as we were there. I was anixious to see the pictures after you told the story, it was funny. The coloring in Michigan was really great this year and we could not believe the amount of traffic on our way home thru Michigan. Jake is a special kid, there does not seem to be anything that he is not willing to learn.


  4. We missed seeing this post yesterday for some reason….but what a TREAT to read (and see) it today! What a great story – and one of those “picture perfect” kinds of days too for you, Jake and the horses.

    Pam (and Sam)


  5. Boy, looks like Smoke totally forgot he had his boy on his back!! He was all caught up in the apples! How funny. I wonder if Ed had apple trees in his pasture? Fun post!


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