Cell Phone Sunday


Yesterday in the late afternoon I went for a walk on Lake Ocean.



It was good to get out of the house – it’s been windy and raining all week.



These pictures were taken with my cell-phone.  I didn’t bother to take my camera.  It was darn windy at the farm and I knew it would be even more so down on the water. 

It was windy.  I knew there’d be a risk that I could get rained on too.

I did, but not very hard.



Not being on the beach for longer than five minutes, the insides of my rubber boots got more wet than the rest of me.  Not because they leak but because I was chasing after Petoskey stones and got out a touch too far.   

These rocks can be found right on the shore and one needn’t go so far into the water…I just figured I was immune to getting wet.  After all, I had rubber boots on!


image      image

*Not my pictures above, but these are polished beautiful examples of what I found.

FYI:  Strong water waves roll right up a rubber boot – News to me, I’m usually barefoot! 



Rain or shine, I love walking this shore line lookin’ for those buggars.  It’s kinda like shopping without having to spend any money.  A wonderful alternative to shop lifting and totally legal….if you don’t mind getting a little wet.

Happy Sunday.


20 thoughts on “Cell Phone Sunday

  1. Gorgeous photos: I have to ask what kind of cell phone you have??? My Blackberry pictures are always disappointing. Is that a rainbow in that last shot?
    Looks like a gorgeous trip. I’ve never heard of Petoskey stones. You’ve taught me something else!
    (And btw, I know nothing about rubber boots!)


  2. WOW….great cell phone shots. Lake Ocean looks like “THE” ocean really…..foamy foam on the sand, etc. Lovely. I’d never heard of Petoskey stones but they are amazing. What a wonderful collection that would make. Thanks for sharing the info AND the pix D….happy Sunday.



  3. Oh My gosh! I love every shot! Maybe the rainbow was my fav – but all so inviting. Wish I had been there with you in person more than just in spirit! Ya know I love finding Petosky stones!!!!!! I can’t believe the erosion. What fun though – absolutely! Thanks for taking that walk and sharing it with us! I feel better already!


  4. Are my petoskey stones that you helped me find going to look that good once they are polished. What did you use to polish them? Boy we walked that sandy beach just in time, before it got cold. Sounds like it would not have been the best week for getting the farming done.


    1. Oh, those weren’t mine, but yours could look that good…I wonder if a craft store would know what you could polish them with?
      I didn’t think it was the best week either but Dellar’s started taking down their corn a few days ago.


  5. I recognized the Petoskey stones right away but only b/c I’ve learned about them since living here in MI; your cell phone sure takes clear pictures but it was YOUR eye that caught the details for us — fun!!


  6. I have never heard of a Petoskey stone before, but boy am I impressed! I am like you when it comes to sand dollars and conch shells. I even found abalone on a trip that the guide tried to buy from me. Finding these treasures are just priceless!


  7. Keep them coming PLEEEEEEEEEZE………..!!!!!!!!

    I love your photos, your EYE for what is soooooooooo coooool!!!!!

    Love ya, DOT in IDAHO

    I tooo have found fun rocks. Sunday on our shoreline…..HEARTS!!!!!


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