Out On Pasture


These are some of my dad’s horses out on pasture. 

I took these shots a few days before I left Montana…It seems like that was just last week.



Nikko, of “Nikko and Maverick”.



Brubaker and Manny (Nikko behind).



And…looking sooo very handsome.  “You too Nikko, I see you peering over Bru’s butt.”



Check the ears on Bru….he’s thinking about doing something…



Looks like he was trying to get Manny to…??…what?

Leave the fence and go…wade in the creek, roll in the dirt, lay down for a nap, or go graze some more? 



Whatever it was Manny was looking like he might not wanna be disturbed….check his ears…



Check that answer to whatever it was Bru was asking!

“Manny! Be nice to Bru”.



“What?!  I was.  It’s just that I’ve been standing here trying to send you ESP messages to come bring me a carrot, a large box of french fries and an ice-cream cone from town and he was breaking my concentration.”

Poor horses.


7 thoughts on “Out On Pasture

  1. Gorgeous horses…..it’s obvious there’s some communication going on between them! LOL I do believe you’re right – – – french fries are probably involved! :) Super photos D……

    Pam (and Sam who says those are the biggest cats he’s ever seen!)


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