Go Team!


*Update:  There were 21 horses in Extreme’s halter class.  Placings & ribbons were awarded to the top 12.


This farm, Glenview Clydesdales, is wrapping up the show season these next few days by taking part in the World Clydesdale show in Madison, Wisconsin.

*That link will take you to their blog they have up – go see what’s going on over that way!

The show, which has over 600 head of horses entered, has already begun and will go through till Sunday night.

The halter classes were yesterday and I just found out that our “Extreme” horse was awarded second place out of twelve other geldings. Wow!  Excellent. “Halter” class is where the horses are judged on their confirmation and way of moving.   That second placing in halter will be a nice thing to have under his belt “belly band” if you will, going into the very stiff competition of the Ladies Cart class.

Tonight, Saturday and Sunday will be all the driving classes of which we are entered in…I think there is a cart class tonight, a four horse hitch class and a six horse hitch class that we are competing in.

Hope you guys have a great time…

Tell everyone we know we said, “hi”…

Have some cheese curds for us…

Good luck and “GO TEAM!”


5 thoughts on “Go Team!

  1. Knew Extreme could do it. So glad we gave him some extra apple treats. We are looking forward to going tomorrow. In person I think it has been sixteen years since his sisters saw him drive in competition. Janice does have to stay behind. Tell Jake to look for his Halloween treats.


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