Another Cell Phone Sunday & The Lady in the Box

lake ocean storm

Storm warnings were a part of our day and night for a 48 hr. period last week.   Our NOAA weather radio was working overtime at making a big fuss.

Does anyone else have one of those weather radios?  I love ours because I’m not one to have the TV on (we don’t get local channels anyway) or the radio on much, too poor a reception but, the NOAA radio, it will start buzzing and beeping when something in our immediate area is immanent.  Knowing first hand about storms or the rare tornado is kinda nice.



This is a horrible blurry picture taken early Wednesday evening after we got back from hockey practice.  It really only serves to drive home the point that it was ultra windy.  Like so windy that I couldn’t hold the cell phone still.   Like sustained winds of 45 mph with gusts up to 65mph!  That meant, according to what we call “The Lady in the Box” (NOAA Weather Radio), there were supposedly 17’ to 22’ waves out on Lake Huron – It was the reason why we stopped at the lake before we went up to the farm…We wanted to see them monster waves.  But nope, couldn’t see those wave heights from the beach.  Guess by the time they hit shore they’re much smaller in size?  Not sure.  I can tell you that it really must’ve been rolling big time out in the shipping lanes of the lake, because before we left Alpena we saw three shipping freighters hanging out in “safe harbor” in Thunder Bay.

That night, Wednesday night, was a loud one.  It was so loud that by 2:30 or so Thursday morning I knew that the storm had finally passed.  Why?  Because the deafening silence woke me up!  You know how that goes…You go to sleep with loud sounds then someone turns them off and then…POOF! you wake up.  That was me.

The next morning I expected to wake to lots of wind damage but we only had a few trees go down here and no fences were mangled.   Amazing.

One of the huge old maples that line the county road north of the farm went down and blocked our way so that Jake and I had to find an alternate route to school Thursday morning.  I was in such a rush that I didn’t even think to take a picture, even though I had my camera with me.  But really…it was just a big old gnarly tree lying across the road…you’ve seen that before I bet.



(This shot taken with my cell in July – what a contrast huh?  Oh and I have no idea what that red dot is.  A speck of red licorice on the lens? – Don’t know.)

The theatrics are over for now and it’s been pretty quiet here since.  Two days of sun too, all of Saturday and Sunday – I know, that’s what I thought too – WOW!  (Yes, being a sarcastic-smarty-pants here).

I saw tonight on the weather channel, that beginning Monday, it’s going to start raining again and that means no more outside projects for a while (a.k.a., mowing)…Here’s hoping we don’t have to hear anymore drama from the Lady in the Box though– Well, not till she starts talking about snow (O Yah!) and Winter Storm Warnings!

And dang it…Now I’m craving Red Vines licorice.


7 thoughts on “Another Cell Phone Sunday & The Lady in the Box

  1. Wow….well, we do have a “lady in the box” radio because of the occasional hurricane, tornado, hail storm, nor’easter, snowstorm, etc. but here it’s a “guy in the box”……mighty helpful though in getting the scoop on the dire weather situation should there be one. Love the pix as always…..and looking forward (?) to seeing some snowy landscapes soon – – – – won’t be long now!!



  2. We don’t have anyone in a box here – just have to depend on the news when ever we remember to watch it – but they are calling for snow today – no one said at what elevation but I did see some snow about 5500 feet on the hills this morning! The clouds are still covering the tops of the mountains – but I bet they will be pretty when they stop hiding behind the greyness. Glad you showed us the waves! Should wash up a lot of Petosky stones!


    1. Yah, you would’ve thought that kind of wave power would have washed up a freighter full but all it managed to do was cover ALL the rocks with sand!
      Guess that means Petoskey hunting is probably over till late Spring. Boo hoo. ;)


  3. I’m glad you managed to escape a lot of damage. Although I live in the south, it is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. And the other farm I talk about is in the higher elevations of Southwest Virginia surrounded by the Jefferson National Forest. So, I’m loving your posts about living on the Northern lake shores and your dad’s farm out west. It’s makes you all seem like my neighbors!


  4. We had a weather radio once, but it kept waking us up for unnecessary things. So now we’re signed up to get text alerts and automated phone calls from our county for severe thunderstorm or (rare) tornado warnings. Hope your nasty weather’s over…..til the snow comes!


  5. Todd said Sunday that you had gotten 5 inches of rain that one day. He would not have been able to get any of the farming done during the time of the show, but I know there is always a million other things to do.


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