Happy Birthday Mom & Dad


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*Update:  Sorry, once again I am having difficulties embedding Shutterfly’s codes so that I can just show you what I’ve done here.  You will have to click the links (shown in purple text) to see the birthday presents.  Darn it.  One of these days I will either figure it out or I will just stop trying altogether! :)

My parents were born on the same day, October 27th, 19-something-something.

Mom is “more mature” (her words) by five and half hours.  Dad, he always tells everyone that he’s married to “an older woman” – So far so good…she’s not killed him yet and last I heard, will live to see another birthday.

I’ve used Shutterfly before, you’ve seen the couple of mugs I’ve had them do in the past and above is a recent book I designed for my dad.  It’s like a little 8”x8” business brag book that he can take with him when he goes on the road to clinics, shows or sales.

And this 12” x 12” canvas is for my mom.  It’s her Birthday/Christmas present…


Blank Project Canvas Print
Find unique and personalized Christmas cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

Yet one more thing for her to hang on the wall.

“Hey, Mom…I saw some wall space out in the tool shed!”

Pay no never mind to all the pictures of me – I can’t help it if mother loves me best!   I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my dad is always a bit occupied driving the horses, giving me ample time to practice my bad imitation of a Breck-girl.

*All the shots for the book and the canvas were taken this past spring/summer out in Montana and most all the photo credit goes to my mom – If the horse is in harness it’s most assuredly one of hers.  I’m so glad she was willing to drop everything she was doing, ever single stinkin’ time we drove out the driveway,  just to get pictures of us.  Thanks Mom!

So here’s the thing, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m gonna get $10.00 off my next order with Shutterfly for posting these up on this blog of mine.  All I have to do is send them an email with a link back to here so they can see I’ve “followed the rules” to get the discount…But honestly, I’m not really doing it for the discount.  Though, I do think ten bucks off my next order is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick – right?  I just wanted to share what I got them for their birthday’s.

Mmmm…I think maybe with my ten bucks off, a calendar or Christmas cards would be a great next project!



13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom & Dad

  1. Happy Birthday(s) to your mom and dad! How amazing that they were born on the same day. (My son went to school with a girl born the same day he was.) I couldn’t get the canvas link to open, but the photo album is gorgeous! What a nice gift!


    1. Thanks. Apparently, I’m terrible at “embedding code” and can’t ever seem to do it correctly! Thanks for trying to look at what I made. I think I got the canvas one working – though it’s really some of the same shots that are in the book.


  2. I will try again!
    I told my hubby that you wanted to come photograph Bacon’s Castle, and I want to come visit you & the Clydesdales. Maybe we can work all that out one day!


  3. Thanks for the news…..I will wish them Happy Birthday and

    let them know that a “little birdie” told me!!!!!!!!!!

    Ha, ha, ha. Love ya, Dot


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