A Friday Wish


My plans of posting up how the show hitch did at the World Clydesdale event from last weekend have gone awry…I’m off on a short road trip today but I thought I would at least wish everyone a wonderful last weekend in October. 



It has the beginnings of a gorgeous day here in Northern Michigan and we’ve had “frost on the pumpkin” for a few mornings in a row now and a real good coating last night thanks to a temperature of 23 degrees!  I’ve been waiting for a pesky fly killing freeze like that! 



If I were staying home today I would be taking down window screens, washing them, putting them away and then tackling the chore of washing all the windows one last time before winter.  I suspect I will get another opportunity!

What are your plans for the weekend?



Best wishes from all of us here at Glenview Clydesdales for a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “A Friday Wish

  1. Happy Halloween weekend, Dee! Gorgeous photos- as usual! Motor Man & I are heading to W Va tomorrow for a train riding weekend with friends. And the forecast there is for 1-3 inches of SNOW!! Have a good weekend!


  2. My plans for the weekend? The horse chiropractor will be here today to check up on a couple of our horses and some neighboring horses that will come here too. Saturday is the 3rd day of a photography class – we will meet at the Grant-Kohrs Ranch for a morning of shooting the Ranch. And I will probably play with the photos the rest of the day… maybe do some house chores, but I doubt it. :-) Sure was a pretty morning here!


  3. I love the last days of October…..we get a few peaceful days (well, not including Halloween of course) before we have to start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas “hoopla”…..no frosty morns here YET but snow is a “maybe” tomorrow – with a high of 39. Brrrrrr…..enjoy your day and weekend !!

    Pam and Sam


  4. MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!!!

    I truly LOVE ALL of your photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are not only very beautiful but informative to me! I have
    spent my entire life in the great NW and love viewing YOUR state!


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