Show Season–The End


From small town horse shows and county fairs, to state fairs and then the World Clyde show in Madison, Wisconsin it can be said it was a very honorable year for Glenview Clydesdales.

Here are some World Clyde Show facts:

  • Over six hundred horses attended.
  • Horses came as far away as England, Australia and Alberta, Canada.
  • Smallest class size was 9 entries.
  • Largest class was about 44 entries.
  • Average in a class was 16.
  • Two cart classes and a team class were the only classes out of the thirteen Glenview Clydesdales entered that they didn’t place in the top ten.
    • Click here and here for a picture of the Glenview eight horse hitch in the ring.
    • Click here for a picture of the six and here for a shot of the Supreme Six all lined up in the ring (Glenview is the 7th wagon in).
    • A neat back of the wagon shot is here.
  • The East Coast Budweiser Hitch was called in to exhibition during the World show because the St. Louis hitch (the closer one) was on call for the World Series Games…and incase you don’t follow baseball, they won too, leading the victory parade yesterday in downtown St.Louis.  Congrats you guys!
  • Todd didn’t get to visit with many of the people he wanted to – it was just too busy for everyone. 

They may not have brought home a truck load of blue ribbons and trophies through the course of this show season but what they did bring home was more important…great memories – I know, I keep hearing a new one everyday as those stories get unpacked a little at a time. 

I hear tell, from other sources, that the whole crew can be dang proud knowing they did their part in reminding everyone (within a three mile radius) that showing horses is supposed to be FUN!

A big “thank-you” to everyone on the crew, and most noteworthy the illustrious Mark Boese and the infamous Junior Klein, for making this unlikely, spur-of-the-moment show season so much easier and fathoms more entertaining for one Todd Radermacher.  Cheers!


12 thoughts on “Show Season–The End

  1. They did so well because they had the best crew in the country! With Todd at the lines what is not to love. I know how much “fun” it is supposed to be and how much work it really is! I think they need a raise.


  2. I don’t know where they were shooting these shots from because it does not look like many people, but I can say we were there from 3:30 to 11:00 on Sat. because we were afraid we would lose decent seats if we got up. Todd did a super job driving. It was a short visit but we really enjoyed it.


  3. Congratulations to everyone at Glenview Farms, we know first hand what hard work it is showing horses, but I don’t think we have ever laugh more at stories that happen in and around the horse barns, then throw Mark and Todd together and it’s just– one good hilarious time.


    1. Most definitely they do. The World Percheron (draft horse) Congress was in Pennsylvania a few years ago and “The Big E” (The Eastern States Exposition) has a show too sometime during the year, but that’s clear up in Massachusetts. Check with your local or surrounding Chamber of Commerce, they should be able to help you find a show closer to home. FYI: A lot of draft horse shows usually happen in conjunction with a county or state fair. :) Hope you get to one someday, you’ll be hooked!
      *I just found this: – The next World Percheron show will be held at The Big E in May of 2014.


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