T-Minus Two Weeks


Opening day for Michigan Firearm Deer Season is November 15th and this is our new tree stand, minus the tree.



No, it’s not. 

Jake is just fooling around. 



This forty-foot lift unit has been borrowed from our contractor to get some things done round here before winter hits.  You know, stuff like:  trimming some trees, greasing the windmill, fixing some exterior building lights, etc..



Jake has been having a blast driving it around the farm after everyone goes home for the day.  He says the view is “pretty nice” from up there.



This whole Kodak Moment has really been brought to you by Jake.  He wanted me to get pictures of him up in his “redneck tree stand”. 

You know, until the lift showed up he wasn’t sure he even wanted to get a hunting license this year…



*Someone please come edge my driveway, I had no idea it was quite this bad.

I think he’s changed his mind because since then he’s named the lift “Lucy” and let everyone but the contractor know that he’s not giving her back.  

He jokingly said he could “chip it up” (add an electronic component to the motor to make it go faster) and tear after those deer in the front pasture. 

Very sportsman like, wouldn’t you agree?

He’ll probably be changing it back when I tell him he won’t be using it to shoot any deer from.  Can you imagine?  Besides, it’d be hard to get a good girth/heart shot when you’re 40-feet in the air, over their heads.


13 thoughts on “T-Minus Two Weeks

  1. Now that’s funny! I can just imagine how much fun a guy his age can have with a machine like that….. well, a guy of ANY age, really! My hubby would be building a race engine for it ;)


  2. I am obsessed with the idea of having a windmill since seeing so many of them in use when we traveled west this past summer. How do you like yours and how long did it take you to realize a return on your investment?

    Please tell the hubs that we appreciate his participation and willingness to go to new heights for you!



    1. The windmills out west are cool aren’t they?
      So many of those in cattle country are to keep the stock water from freezing.
      Ours right now only aerates the big pond and keeps a portion of it from freezing in the winter, it’s a fish thing and maybe someday with enough prodding it it will be a cattle thing;) Would so love to get a few steers here!
      Oh! And that was my almost 16yr old boy, Jake! My husband laughed pretty good when he saw the pics.


  3. There was a shot I didn’t use and it barely shows seven or so deer out in the field to the left of those shots (we count up to 20 + every morning/night – it’s crazy)….So ya, no trouble finding deer here.
    With the deer, turkey, porcupine, bob cats, coyote’s, possum and skunks it’s like wild animal park. :)


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