The View From Up There


Are you comfortable with heights? 

I’m good.



Jake offered to take me to the back of the farm in his redneck tree stand to show me the view….



He was right, it is pretty nice from way up there!



I wish the horses had still been out for the day…



they would’ve added something to these pictures of lonely green pastures.



Max and Shelby tagged along, either to keep an eye on us or to add perspective.  They are the two little black specks just to the left of the semi trailers.



This is looking out the back drive…

“I can go higher mom, we have ten more feet to go.” 

“No, Jake.  This is perfect right here.  Really – I’m good.”



And this is my “Lucy The Lift” operator, who did a fine job of getting me to and fro and more importantly, back down safely.


16 thoughts on “The View From Up There

  1. Aw….you shoulda gone the extra 10 feet! Imagine the view from UP THERE! (Just kidding.) These are gorgeous photos – love the 3rd and 4th ones especially. But I’m glad you got a picture of your “tour guide” too! Thanks for sharing that view. I probably wouldn’t have been brave enough to go up there.


  2. Gorgeous! I love the 4th one best – the rolling fields and fence with the colorful trees…..the view from up there (even if you did chicken out on the extra 10 ft.!) is definitely worth it for the pix.



  3. I love that kid!!! Really!! and his mom. Yelp the 4th one is a calendar photo!!! See if you can do it again when the horses are out! Its pretty just like it is, but it would be fun to see what the horses would add. Love this post! You have so much fun there! Do you realize that??


    1. Yah, Lucy (Loosey) Lift is aptly named cause she was shakier than I thought she’d be. Rock climbing 40′ up not even an issue for me…being up that high on her?…Ugh 30′ was plenty!
      Yes, there’s always something going on here out of the ordinary…In five years Jake’s said, “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do” only once. ;)


  4. I love it Jake was right it sure is a pretty good view from up there! Looks like fun too but Im not quite sure how I do with heights..;)


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