Care Package


My talented sister, who lives in California, who gets to move back to North Idaho next summer (I hate her – well, not for real), sent me a care package the other day.

I love those don’t you…especially when the package includes a hand written note or two?



The box was full of all kinds of stuff.  A book for Jake from his soon-to-be-Marine cousin Ansen.  A couple of hand drawn pictures, just for me, from my not quite kindergarten, horse crazy niece Emma Dorothy.  A couple of books for me.  Some Halloween candy and these hand crocheted wash cloths made with my sisters own two hands.  I love that she tied them with her kitchen twine.

The girl can not only crochet, knit and sew (real stuff with rounded corners, not just straight lines like me) but the girl can pick a mean set of colors.   Oh, and she gets to move back to Idaho!  Yah, I know…I already covered that.

I guess you probably know I love her anyway – like a lot.

Thanks Stac for the beautiful early Christmas gift!

~Your SISTER dee


16 thoughts on “Care Package

  1. Sisters are great – I totally agree…..those are BEAUTIFUL wash cloths and it sounds like the care package had lots of goodies in there for everyone. Very sweet and thoughtful – – – just like a sister (I ought to know – I have a gem of a sister myself!!).



  2. Sweet! Sisters are great, aren’t they? And I love that your niece drew horse pictures for you!
    This month on FB, I’m posting one thing each day that I’m thankful for. Yesterday, it was that I was thankful for my sister, who has known (& loved) me longer than anyone else on earth!


  3. Homemade presents tied up with string .. these are a few of my favorite things!

    *My 81 year old mother still wraps her parcels in string… I love to receive them in the mail .. even if the string doesn’t quite make it here.

    Lovely post, MJ


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