Before The Snow Flies


In the past week, due to our four straight days of sunny weather, Jake has been helping me cross a few things off my “To Do Before The Snow Flies” list.

Some of those things have been getting all the grass (minus the horse pastures) on the farm grounds mowed down one last time, trimming up the shrub beds here at the house and over the weekend we put the white Christmas lights on five of our pine trees around the yard.

No, I don’t plug them in till the day after Thanksgiving.  Heck, I don’t even run the extension cords till after the last lawn mowing and that’s a couple of weeks off yet.



He helped me finish up “half of a rock project” –  This was taken before I rocked the inside edges of the culvert and more down the sides.  There isn’t a “finished” picture because it’s been raining and gloomy ever since.

I might start the other half of the rock project on the other side of the driveway if the weather improves…You know, like… not raining!



This, sitting in between a couple of soon to be torched round bales, is one of the display pumpkins we collected from around the farm…



Monday we took all those pumpkins over to the West 80 Property and used them as targets to sight in Jake’s rifle.



Well, we tried to sight in his rifle.  It was very windy.  We’ll try another time real soon because November 15th, Opening Day, is closing in fast!

Maybe this weekend.



Since it was too windy we left the West 80 and went over to “Helen’s Property”.  So called because it was purchased by this farm from none other than…Helen.

It’s a 100+ piece of property where we ride the horses and four-wheelers, where we do a vast majority of our haying, where we do some snowmobiling when the snow gets deep enough and most importantly, this time of year…Deer Hunt.  Jake wanted to check for deer signs.

At the edge of the woods he found quite a few fresh tracks leading to and from the water.  Maybe this will be the year he gets his deer!



This is some of our corn in a leased field just west of Helen’s.  I pulled the truck over and got out to get a few shots.  If the weather will cooperate, it won’t be long and this will finally get harvested.  Right now we’re still trying to put up the soy beans.  The fields don’t stay dry for long…darn it.

Speaking of not staying dry…have I mentioned it rains here?  About a month ago now we had eight, yes…count’em, 8 inches of rain in one week.   That’s like Seattle or Portland or Ketchikan, Alaska – maybe even like a rain forest…pushing it huh?  Okay.


It’s had a tendency lately to spew H2O more than I think it should, but I can’t find anyone who can alter this predicament.  I bet that’s what they mean when they say, “That’s farming!”

I just smile politely and nod my head.

I wish all that 8” of rain had been in snow!  Wonder how deep that would be?

I’m totally gonna “Google” that…Let you know later.



This was taken at the farm, obviously in the late afternoon…see the moon?  And I think, this was the same day as the West 80 and Helen’s shots.

The leaves here are really starting to shake loose now as you can see by all the bare branches on the birch, aspen, maple and sycamore trees.  I believe the reddish rusty leaves there are oaks.

I hear we’re gonna have snow flying in the air tonight…be awesome to wake up to white stuff on the ground!  And with the colder temps, giving firmer fields to drive the harvest equipment on, Todd can get some things crossed off his list too.  Then…then we can concentrate on playing in the SNOW!

*“The calculated data is based on information from the National Weather Service that indicates the average snowfall is in a ratio of 10 inches of snow to 1 inch of equivalent rainfall. More densely packed and wet snow is in the ratio of 8 inches of snow to 1 inch of equivalent rainfall, and more powdery snow is about 14 to 1 ratio.”

That means our 8″ of rain would’ve been 80″ of snow!



14 thoughts on “Before The Snow Flies

  1. We were talking about putting the outside lights up as well. It’s been in the seventies here, so our fingers won’t be freezing if we string them now. But as you said, no turning them on until after Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy the autumn decor before slipping into the Christmas lights. If you get snow though, you might want to hit the lights. That would be beautiful.


  2. I think it’s wonderful that you love the snow, since you live in an area where it happens so frequently!
    Love the last picture as well as the one of Jake by the lake. (Hey, that has quite a ring to it, doesn’ t it?!)
    Glad you’re getting some things crossed off your list!


    1. I’ve always been of the opinion if it’s gonna be winter it might as well snow and snow hard! :)
      When Todd was with the West Coast hitch and they were doing lots of events in the month of November/December in Southern California it was tough being away from it (winter/snow) for very long – just weird.


  3. Busy, busy – it almost never ends does it? Beautiful treeline shot for your banner – and nice pix ’round the farm…….snow? Yeah – it won’t be long here either (we had that early “tease” but the REAL stuff will be here soon). Changes……that’s the way of things. Happy Thursday!



  4. Jake good luck on getting your deer this season, are you still thinking of holding out for the buck for your first one.? Do you plan on hiding behind a hay bale so they will not see you. If you have any deer stands in the tree’s be careful. We had three deaths opening week with people falling out of there stands. It is suppose to be nice Saturday, so what decorations we have to put out we will do then, and as tradition for more than my years Christmas decorations are turned on Thanksgiving Eve to kick off the season, because Friday is the big day for all the women in the family to do the Macy’s show and then shopping, it is something we look forward to, as there has gotten to be a lot of us now with all the grandchildren wanting to be part of it. (I should say girls, as the boys want nothing to do with it).


    1. So sad about the deaths of the hunters regarding the tree stands. We had a humorous incident in our county a week or so ago. The tree stand collapsed and trapped a hunter 30 feet up a pine tree! He was alone, but thankfully, had a cell phone.The fire department responded, but the area he was in was across a marsh. It was a lengthy recovery mission!


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