On Death and Dying

*Because of the many responses to my irresponsible title I need to note, no one died here!”  All is well.


Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Jake drove us (part way) to Detroit for a hockey game; he got out of the drivers seat at Saginaw.  Chicken.



Me, sitting in the back seat, wishing Detroit could be four hours closer.

No, really, I would settle for two hours closer.

No, scratch that… I wouldn’t.  I like being clear up here in no-where land, it’s worth the drive to live so nice and relatively remote.



Before.  Before my cell phone battery started to die.



During.  During the death of my cell phone battery.



These are the items they were handing out free that night at the game:  Hunter Orange knit hats sponsored by Carhartt, Inc.

Why?  Because they wanted to remind everyone to stay safe in recognition of the best day of the year – November 15th – Opening Day for Deer Season!

Oh ya, it’s that bad here…

….and it goes on for two solid weeks.

Run deer, run!

*I’m kidding.  Good luck everyone, especially you Jake!


16 thoughts on “On Death and Dying

  1. It had me worried also. Death, dying, he stopped driving, chicken, all I could think is, this can’t be good. But you being Dee, you turned it into a good story.


  2. I was worried about you – the whole title thing! But yeah, it’s hunting season here too. The majority of hunters here are educated and careful and wearing hunter orange. But it only takes one uneducated and inexperienced guy or gal in the woods with a gun to ruin lives in a hurry. Have even heard stories of people shooting steers. It’s crazy! Be safe and good luck to the hunters!


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