Snow = Yahooooooo!


It snowed here today! 

This picture is not from today (taken this past March) but very soon it will look just like this out my windows!

I’m kinda excited.


11 thoughts on “Snow = Yahooooooo!

  1. It’s fun to see how excited a adult can get about snow. I know you told us when we were there that by the time you plow all the roads on farm that you need access to it comes to 20 miles, and the one storm that you had Todd and Jake plowed six hours straight on just the road from the house to the barns, and you would be amazed at what a little stretch that is, but the wind was bad and it just kept filling in.


    1. Yes, you are correct…it’s the wind that does it. Not being raised in an area where there are real blizzards, well, I think it’s pretty awesome – you know, the power of it all. Course I don’t much care for traveling in it to and from hockey games around the state. But that’s winter for you. I love it anyway!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciated your comment too. I enjoy “meeting” other bloggers, so it was fun to take a look at yours too. You have some great photos! It spit a few snow flurries here yesterday, but we already had our first real snow a couple of weeks ago. I love snow too, but by February or March, I’m ready to see some color. :-)


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